Bar Refaeli: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We are back with seven more little known facts about the Israeli supermodel, Bar Refaeli. We hope you enjoy the rest of the article!

Number Seven: She Collects Watches

Refaeli, who has been the face of Piaget and Hublot, got her first watch when she was 10, and it was a Nike watch. “I was 10 years old, and I’d dreamt about it forever until my dad bought it for me.” She has been adding new valuable watches to her collection ever since—the bigger the watch, the better.

Number Six: She Loves Watching Basketball

It’s not uncommon to catch Bar Refaeli court-side at a basketball game. She does not enjoy playing the sport, but she does love watching it live and on TV.

Number Five: She Evaded Military Service

Conscription in Israel is mandatory for (almost) everyone over the age of 18. It is believed that the model dodged serving military time by marrying a family friend and then divorcing him shortly after, since married women are exempt from serving in the army. Refaeli has received strong criticism from her Israeli counterparts, who consider her to be a bad role model in the country.

Number Four: Bar Refaeli Doesn’t Love Wearing Make-Up

The model often posts pictures of her bare face on Instagram, and she’s is always caught on candid pictures wearing comfortable clothes and little to no make-up. “I don’t wear make-up, I don’t wear heels and I’m very basic. But I love the fact I have this job and it gives me the opportunity to dress up.”

Number Three: Her Wedding Inflamed Political Disputes

Refaeli’s dreamy wedding in Carmel Forest, in 2015, wasn’t celebrated by everyone. Her wedding sparked a national debate, as air space was planned to be closed for the duration of the event. The ceremony featured a couple of helicopters, a hot air balloon and some drones, creating a potentially congested airspace.

Number Two: She Kissed Jesse Heiman 65 Times

Refaeli and Heiman starred in a Superbowl ad together in 2013. The scene, which required both of them to make out, had to be re-taken a few dozen times until they got the perfect shot. Heiman loved every second of it.

Number One: Successful Start-Up Investor

Refaeli invested in Israeli startup “MyCheck” in 2013. The business, which offers an innovative mobile payment system in the hospitality sector, quickly took off. The app allows users to view and split restaurant bills and check themselves out, all with a cellphone. We hope you enjoyed reading through our article!

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