Bali: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Recently, we brought you part one of this list of interesting facts about Bali, one of the world’s great tourist destinations. Now we’re back with part two to fill you in on some more interesting facts about the country.

Number Eight: The Tooth Filing Ceremony

When a Balinese child reaches puberty, they hold something called a tooth filing ceremony. It symbolizes the coming of age, the transition from animal to human being, and gaining control over six human evils.

Number Seven: There Are Very Few Names in Bali

They name their children one of four names. The meanings of these names are “first born”, “second born,” “third born,” or “fourth born,” regardless of gender. If you have a fifth child, you start over by naming him “first child.”

Number Six: A Muslim, Yet Hindu Country

Indonesia is mostly a Muslim country, but many people there practice Hinduism. For this reason, they are allowed to eat roast pig, which would usually be off limits to those who practice Islam.

Number Five: Their Year Has 10 Weeks Made Up of 10 Days

It’s not the 365 day year we’re so used to hearing about and adhering to. Their calendar has its origins in Hinduism.

Number Four: The Island of Many Names

It’s not always called Bali. Some other names this nation goes by are The Island of Peace, The Island of Love, and The Island of the Gods.

Number Three: It Has Two Active Volcanoes

Mt. Batur is 5,600 feet high and Mt. Agung is 10,000 feet high. They are become huge tourist attraction, even though any eruptions could seriously endanger the lives of the surrounding people.

Number Two: Their Rituals Always Involve Dance

You may have heard of the famous Balinese dance. It’s a huge deal in their culture because it signifies their devotion to the gods, and they never have a ritual that does not include it.

Number One: The Asian Protector

Back in 1941, the Japanese came to this island and named themselves the Asian protector. They decided they would help the local people fight for freedom. We hope you enjoyed part two of this article about Bali.

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