Babyface: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Babyface has made quite the career in his life thus far. He’s worked with a countless number of celebrities and has quite the reputation. Here are more facts about this man that many people don’t know.

Number Eight: Ariana Grande Blows His Mind

One of the most recent artists that Babyface has worked with is Ariana Grande (on her debut album). According to him, “she’s got great passion… That’s always fun when you find a new artist that can really blow your mind… It’s not easy to find these days.” This is what he said about her in his interview with Creative Loafing.

Number Seven: Babyface Worked on an Animated Cult Classic From the ’90s

Babyface has contributed to many different films, one of them being The Pagemaster. The song he worked on, that also ended up on the soundtrack, is called “Dream Now.”

Number Six: He’s Friends with Mariah Carey

People know that Babyface produced Mariah Carey’s song Everytime I Close My Eyes, but not many people know that these two have pretty much remained friends since. It’s super cool to see people get along more than professionally.

Number Five: He Censors, but for a Reason

While it seems that today’s music is full of profanities, Babyface likes to keep it classy. He has said that it is good policy to “tone it down” so that it can reach more people.

Number Four: He Didn’t Like His Nickname

When the man was first starting out, he acquired the name of Babyface, but he didn’t like it very much. It was only with reluctance that he did so.

Number Three: He Doesn’t Really do Broadway

Upon being asked whether or not he would write for Broadway, the man has said that although he likes the shows, he’s not to well-versed in the matter. Until he does, he won’t really be doing that.

Number Two: He’s Strictly Commercial

Although Babyface has produced many different artists, he still prefers to work with those he feels has commercial potential. That is an interesting perspective to hold, that’s for sure.

Number One: He’s Works for Charity

In 2012, this producer worked at a store known as Nathan’s. All the money he raised went to a charity known as Toys for Tots.

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