Avatar: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




AvatarĀ is the highest-grossing film in movie history. Created and released in 2009 by James Cameron, it was a global phenomenon enjoyed by countless people everywhere. We already brought you part one of the list, now we’re back with part two.

Number Eight: The Cast and Crew Trekked Through Jungles to Prepare

The director brought the cast and crew to Hawaii. This was for the purpose of having them live in tribes to get a better feel for what it would be like to live in the jungle on Pandora.

Number Seven: A Shave-Tail Looie

Fans of this film may remember Colonel Quaritch making a comment about being on Pandora making him feel like a “shave-tail Looie”. This is a real term that originated back in the 19th century and was used to describe inexperienced U.S. Marines.

Number Six: How the Na’vi Were Created in Avatar

The actors playing the tribe members in the film acted with cameras attached to their head. The had to have dots painted on their faces so that the CG artists could create the necessary effects to turn them into the blue creatures.

Number Five: Neytiri Had to have Breasts

James Cameron insisted on the female lead having breasts, although it’s unclear whether she really would if this were a real character. He wanted her to look “hot” to humans.

Number Four: Christmas Tree Worms

You may remember the spiral shaped creatures the main character comes upon early in the movie. These are actually based on real creatures, marine invertebrate usually kept in reef aquariums.

Number Three: James Didn’t Want Sigourney at First

She appeared in Aliens (another James Cameron movie) back in the 1980s. He said that he originally didn’t want to cast her because she was the “safest choice to play the botanist.”

Number Two: Inspired by Disney

Cameron admits that he got the idea for this movie after watching a Disney movie. The inspiration was Pocahontas.

Number One: The White Hand Print

In the final battle scene, Neytiri has a hand print on her chest, made by white war paint. It has five fingers, instead of four, indicating that it is from Jake’s hand. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about Avatar.

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