Autism: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Wil C. Kerner
Wil C. Kerner

Autism is a difficult disorder to live with. With as many people there are with the disorder, it’s important that people know about it. Here are more facts about autism that you probably didn’t know.

Number Eight: Autism Sometimes Leads to Different Strengths

They say that a good number of blind people become quite good at hearing. This sometimes applies towards people who have autism, in a sense. Some people with autism develop other strengths that are much more advanced that regular people.

Number Seven: It Can Affect Speech

One out of every four people that have the condition is known to not speak at all. Sometimes this is something that these people can overcome, but sometimes this problem lasts their entire life.

Number Six: There Are a Lot of Books in the Subject

Due to the recent rise of the disorder, many books are now being written about autism. Currently, there are more than 300 books about it to help parents with autistic children.

Number Five: Only About Half Finish High School

Education is quite difficult for those who live with autism. Only about 56 percent of these individuals make it out of High School.

Number Four: Autism Can Diminish

When people are diagnosed with it is usually understood to be a lifelong thing. However, certain people, with the right treatments and a good amount of progress, can become basically normal and thus lead normal lives.

Number Three: Folic Acid May Reduce The Chances

Because of the fact that numbers of people with this disorder are growing, more people are doing research to take certain precautions. Pregnant women who take prenatal folic acid have less of a chance that their children will be born with the disorder.

Number Two: It Can Be Expensive

Many who have someone with autism in their families have to pay for a variety of treatments so that their lives are easier. As a result, most families end up paying 60,000 dollars every single year.

Number One: Schools Have Screenings

For parents who don’t know whether or not their children have autism, there is a way to test it out. Schools offer free screenings so that they can be diagnosed and then helped.

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