Authentic mid-century stunner in Stillwater, Minnesota



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The owner of this house near Stillwater, Minnesota contacted me because she thought I might like this house.

Stunning mid-century modern with original character, wide windows and expansive views? Heck Yeah!

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This place is amazing. And even better, it is for sale OR rent!

Built in 1950, this home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this beautiful mid-century modern home sits all alone at the top of a bluff, with one of the best views in Stillwater, MN. 2,800 square feet, very open architecture with floor-to-ceiling windows spanning roughly 60 feet overlooking the St. Croix River.

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Apparently the original homeowner in 1950 was involved in every aspect of the design including hand-picking all of the finishes.

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The current owners have taken great care to preserve and maintain the vintage feel while updating the home with all the modern bells and whistles including wired home automation and multi-room audio/video.

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This home is obviously loved.

Every person that ever lived there or was ever associated with the house has come back to visit, sometimes several times.

– from: the homeowner

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Those beautiful floors are: cork!

Another indication of how special this house is – it was featured in Life Magazine the year it was built in 1950:

1950 Life Magazine photo – image from:

(I’m guessing the guy lounging on the bed is the original owner??)

Here’s how the bedroom looks today:

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How neat is that?

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Here’s the home’s floor-plan:

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This house is oriented toward the incredible views of the wooded rolling hills and the St. Croix River.

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An interesting aside about this home…. it is located across the street from the Stillwater Country Club & golf course. This means that the property has hosted many a stray golf ball over the years. But the owners decided to make lemonade out of the situation (or, golf-ball art, as it were):

image courtesy of the homeowner

Love it!

For additional photos and more information about this intriguing mid-century home, see the homeowner’s site here.



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