August Alsina: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Star



August Alsina is an American singer born on September 3rd, 1992. He is originally from New Orleans and released his debut album Testimony in April of 2014. Here are some facts you never knew about the celebrity.

Number Eight: For His 21st Birthday… He Fell Asleep

Like many 20 year olds, August wanted to party big for his 21st birthday. Instead of staying up all night long, however, the newly legal drinker passed out in his hotel room in Vegas.

Number Seven: August Alsina Stole His First GF

This happened back in high school, and was no easy feat. According to Aslina, he was very persistent, and it ended up paying off in the long run.

Number Six: His Biggest Regrets

When asked about his biggest regrets, August gave a simple and straightforward reply. Sleeping with certain women is his biggest fault in life. He also admits to often times not knowing the names of the ladies he sleeps with.

Number Five: He Never Tires of Women ‘Going Crazy Over Him’

Although he admits that this can be exhausting, it apparently doesn’t get old. He says that that’s what he’s here for, and that he wants females to love him.

Number Four: He Believes Kissing is More Intimate than Sex

For this reason, he doesn’t like to kiss girls that he’s not serious about. He also openly claims that he doesn’t enjoy giving women pleasure most of the time.

Number Three: August Wouldn’t Deal with Rhianna…

Or any of the Kardashians. Alsina has said that he thinks the women who attend his shows are “badder” than his fellow celebrities, and it seems like he respects them a lot more.

Number Two: His Favorite Place to Perform

His hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana is his absolute favorite city to have shows in. This is because it was the very first place where he jumped into the crowd.

Number One: He Hopes to be Part of a ‘Power Couple’

Similar to what Jay-Z has with Beyonce. He thinks this is something special and would like to have something similar at some point in his life. We hope you enjoyed our article about the singer August Alsina. Thanks for reading.

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