Applebee’s: 9 Things Your Server Won’t Tell You



Applebee’s has become one of the most wildly successful chain eateries in the business, and we have come to show you why! Although most of us know Applebee’s to be a popular household name, there is still so much you didn’t know that even your server won’t tell you. To find out all of the juicy secrets about this restaurant, all you have to do is read on!

Number Nine: From Knock-Off to Show Off

Most people see Applebee’s as another addition to the casual food with bar service trend, but this restaurant actually had some innovative beginnings. When the idea first popped into the minds of the store’s founders, it was inspired by one of the first restaurants to embrace this style of food service. A couple bought out a failing chain of this restaurant, called Billy’s, and brought it to greatness. However, the company bought it back from the couple, and they decided to start their own brand of restaurants.

Number Eight: The Name Game

The name “Applebee’s” is certainly unique if nothing else, though they had to go through quite a handful of options before coming up with the winning title. Before going with the name we know and love today, it was changed between Appleby’s, Cinnamon’s and Pepper’s, and a number of other options.

Number Seven: Applebee’s Drugstore

When the restaurant first emerged, the planning for the store’s theme was based on a drugstore. The first location was adorned with fitting decor, such as window signs that read “Candy Apples 5 Cents” and “Prescriptions” and an Indian statue holding cigars.

Number Six: The Diverse Menu

Applebee’s has always been home to delicious fried finger foods, but the menu masterminds are always throwing in some odd additions to catch customers’ eyes. The restaurant served chicken fingers, fried mushrooms, and nachos on its first menu, along with a couple star appearances of quiche, gumbo, and even quail.

Number Five: Still in the Family

The successful chain was first created as the brainchild of Bill Palmer and his wife. The co-founder continues to put his heart and soul into his business even to this day as a major franchise owner of over 35 stores.

Number Four: Legal Troubles

Unfortunately, every booming business has to deal with some legal troubles at some point. However, Applebee’s sure has had some odd ones. A few of the most notable battles that have brought this restaurant to court involve employees claiming to be paid below minimum wage, choking incidents, and even a man who was burned while praying over his steaming fajitas.

Number Three: Nutrition Facts

If you really feel like packing on the pounds at dinner tonight, the New England fish and chips is the unhealthiest item on the menu. The dish has a whopping almost 2,000 calories, 24 grams of saturated fat, 136 grams of unsaturated fat, and 4,180 grams of sodium. Conversely, the healthiest option is the pepper-crusted sirloin and whole grains, which has only 350 calories and 10 grams of fat.

Number Two: The Original Name

Despite going through a handful of name options to come up with a winner, the name was still undergoing changes as the business grew. When the first location opened up, the actual title was T.J. Applebee’s Edibles and Elixirs. Feeling this was too long, they decided to shorten it down.

Number One: Famous Narrators

As the restaurant’s popularity grew, they decided to splurge on some famous voices for their advertisements. Over the years, their commercials have featured Wanda Sykes, Jason Sudeikis, and even John Corbett. We hope you enjoyed our list of the eight things your server won’t tell you about Applebee’s!

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