Apple Watch: Top 9 Tips and Tricks You Should Know



The Apple Watch has been getting a lot of buzz as of late. However, despite all the press it’s been getting, there are still some tips and tricks to using it that most people aren’t aware of. Here, we present our list of the top nine Apple Watch tips and tricks everyone should know. Check it out for yourself below!

Number Nine: Favorite More Pictures for a More Personal Experience

If you use the photo album watch face, the default is to use pictures you’ve favorited on your iPhone. If you want to personalize your photos, just favorite the ones you want on your phone, and you’ll be all set!

Number Eight: Take Advantage of Night Stand Mode

WatchOS 2 came with Night Stand Mode, which turns into a clock when you turn the watch on its side. Turn on Night Stand Mode before you go to bed to use your smartwatch as a clock.

Number Seven: Wipe Your Notifications

Notifications on the smartwatch can be overwhelming. To wipe all of your notifications, swipe down from the top of the screen, and you’ll see a chronological list. Long press the screen and select “Clear All” to wipe all of the notifications.

Number Six: Find Your iPhone From Your Apple Watch

Keeping track of all of your devices and be a pain. If you’re wearing your watch and can’t find your iPhone, just go to the Settings glance (swipe up from the bottom bezel) and choose the iPhone icon on the bottom.

Number Five: Transfer a Call to Your iPhone

If you answer a call on your Apple Watch and want to transfer it to your iPhone, just swipe up during the call and send it on over. It’s that easy!

Number Four: Power Reserve Mode

The smartwatch’s battery life has gotten a lot of flack, so it’s only natural to want to conserve it as much as possible. To enter Power Reserve Mode and really make your battery life last, press and hold the second button, and you’ll see a power menu. Select the Power Reserve button and drag it to the right.

Number Three: Listen to Music

Adding music to your Apple Watch can be convenient if you exercise or run without your phone. To do this, create a playlist on your iPhone, go to the Apple Watch companion app, and select your playlist from the Music app on the list. It should start syncing automatically. You can then pair some Bluetooth headphones to your smartwatch, and the playlist will show up!

Number Two: Flip Controls for Left-Handed Users

Left-handed people usually wear their watches on their right hands, which makes the placement of the Digital Crown highly inconvenient. To flip the display the way you want it, go to the iPhone companion app and go to General > Watch Orientation. You can then flip the display.

Number One: Craft Clever Replies

The stock replies in the watch might be convenient, but they’re also pretty matter-of-fact and boring. If you want to spice up your default replies, just go to Messages and Default Replies, then you can craft your own. Thanks for reading!

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