Apple Watch: 6 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Its History



The Apple Watch has become one of the most popular tech gadgets currently out there. However, while many people know about the smartwatch’s myriad features, most people aren’t aware of the backstory surrounding the smartwatch. Here, we present six interesting secrets about the history of the Apple Watch. Check it out for yourself below!

Number One: The Man Hired to Manage the Project Had No Idea What He’d Be Doing

Kevin Lynch was hired to be Apple’s “Vice President of Technology” although he wasn’t exactly sure what that title meant. On his first day with that title, he skipped new-employee orientation to go straight to work because the “project” he was hired to manage was behind schedule. That project was the Apple Watch.

Number Two: The Success of the Apple Watch Relied on Its User Interface

From the very beginning, the watch’s designer and developer knew that the success of the smartwatch relied on the user interface, which broadly describes the way users interact with their devices and how devices respond to those interactions. The user interface was completely reimagined for the watch – it was designed to set itself apart from the iPhone.

Number Three: There Was a Huge Focus on Horology

Horology is the study and measurement of time, so of course, the smartwatch’s developers and designers focused on that. However, the Apple Watch is about so much more, so it’s a little surprising to learn what a huge focus there was on horology. The watch was designed not only to redefine how users interact with technology, but also to redefine how users interpret time.

Number Four: The Watch Fixed a Problem Apple Created

Everywhere you go, you see people glued to their phones. This is a problem largely created by Apple – when you can’t take 30 seconds to look away from your phone, it begins to ruin your life. The Apple Watch was designed to solve this problem and allow users to interact as minimally as possible with the technology.

Number Five: The First Working Prototype Was an iPhone Attached to a Velcro Strap

It’s true! The very first working prototype of the smartwatch was essentially an iPhone attached to a Velcro strap. According to Lynch, the strap was “very nicely designed.”

Number Six: The Software Had to Be Reengineered Twice for Speed

We already mentioned that one of the focal design goals of the smartwatch was to minimize the time users had to interact with the technology. Because of this, the software was actually reengineered not once, but twice – just because of speed issues. Thanks for reading!

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