Anthony Hopkins: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Anthony Hopkins has been so successful during his time of being an actor. He’s admired by so many people in his field. Here are a number of facts that not many people know about this man. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: He Was an Alcoholic

In the beginning of his career, Anthony Hopkins was an alcoholic. Thankfully, he strengthened up and overcame his abuse in 1975.

Number Fourteen: Anthony Hopkins Repeats Lines a Lot

In order to remember and know all of his lines, Anthony Hopkins repeats them many, many times. For each line that he has to learn, Anthony Hopkins will repeat said line at least 200 times. That is quite fascinating!

Number Thirteen: He’s Proud of ‘Hannibal’

One of the most popular roles that Anthony Hopkins has done is Hannibal Lecter. He’s particularly proud of his improvisations which made the character come even more to life. One example of this is when the actor mocked Jodie Foster’s character’s accent, which resulted in a real, nervous reaction from the actress.

Number Twelve: Anthony Hopkins Plays The Piano

Although Anthony Hopkins is very well known for his acting, he has other skills that are just as “up there”. Hopkins is very good at playing the piano. You can hear some of his playing here.

Number Eleven: He Wasn’t The Best Student

Despite the fact that the man is well schooled, he wasn’t a necessarily good student. He had to leave West Monmouth School because his grades were quite poor, which is parents weren’t fond of.

Number Ten: He Almost Died On Set

When Anthony Hopkins was working on the film The Edge, he almost died. Once, he fell into an icy-cold river and had to be rushed to the hospital so that he wouldn’t perish from hypothermia. Talk about living through a very scary experience!

Number Nine: Burt Munro is Anthony Hopkins?

As an actor, Anthony Hopkins is used to playing characters that are different than he is. Well, at least, except from this one time. When the man portrayed Burt Munro in the film The World’s Fastest Indian, he said that no other character has been so much like him.

There is so much more about this man that many people do not know. Stay tuned for the second part of the article, which is coming soon!

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