Anorexia: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Not long ago, we brought you part one of this education list of facts about anorexia. We learned that the disorder often leads people to partake in strange rituals and that pressuring people suffering from it does not help. Here is part two of our list of facts.

Number Eight: Two to Three Percent of Women Experience It

The most common ages for this disorder to make an appearance is between 12 and 25. It doesn’t just affect women though, up to 10% of anorexia sufferers are boys or men.

Number Seven: Some People Don’t Know They Have Anorexia

Often times, people live through long periods of time without ever realizing that they have a disorder. They may realize it when they meet someone else that has it, or come upon certain medical information that enlightens them to their problem.

Number Six: High Mortality Rates

According to certain studies done, 20% of people with anorexia will die. This could be a result of physical deterioration of their body, or suicide.

Number Five: It Makes Driving Harder

It’s actually impossible to drive if you are under a certain BMI. Your brain is undernourished due to a lack of food and this, as a consequence, makes your reflexes slower.

Number Four: Routines Rule Your Life

If you suffer from this disorder, your entire life becomes centered around routines and controlling or reducing your weight. Some people have to end their relationships because they don’t fit in with their secret eating or exercise habits.

Number Three: Anorexics Heal Slower

When you starve your body of nutrients, it will struggle to heal. For this reason, anorexic people will have cuts or bruises for longer than the average person.

Number Two: It Changes Your Entire Personality

You will lose many aspects of yourself, including your sense of humor and ability to listen to your friends or family. You won’t have enough energy or focus for the things you used to love because the disorder tends to take over everything in your life.

Number One: The Body Starts Eating Itself

When you have anorexia, your body starts turning to the only option it has for receiving nutrition, its own organs. This includes the heart. We hope you found the second half of this article educational.

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