Andy Murray: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We are back with seven more things you didn’t know about about ATP player Andy Murray. We promise some of these fun facts will surprise you.

Number Seven: Andy Murray Survived a School Shooting

He doesn’t talk about this often, but Murray and his brother both miraculously survived a shooting at their school in 1996. Murray was eight at the time and heard gunshots coming from another classroom. Both siblings hid under a desk until the situation was over. Fifteen children and two adults (including the perpetrator) were killed that day.

Number Six: He Loves Karaoke

Despite not being the best singer in the world, as we mentioned in part one of our article, Murray never misses a chance to embarrass himself in a karaoke contest. He once tweeted about it before a tournament: “Is there anything the players could do to entertain spectators during rain breaks? Interviews? Autograph sessions? Karaoke would be great!!”

Number Five: He Almost Missed an Important Event for a Funny Reason

The reason is he locked himself up in a hotel bathroom. In 2004, he was going to be awarded with a prize from the BBC and barely made it in time to the ceremony because he couldn’t exit the room!

Number Four: He Was Fined for Insulting a Chair Umpire

A young, 18 years old Andy Murray was fined 1,500 pounds for insulting and offending the chair umpire at a tennis match. Apparently, he learned how to curse by listening to Billy Connolly’s stand-up shows, and he just put that to practice (and still does regularly.)

Number Three: He Also Loves Boxing

Murray started watching live boxing matches when we 13 and just got hooked on the sport. He then started boxing himself and sometimes uses it as training for his tennis tournaments. “Nothing gives me an adrenaline shake more than watching a good boxing encounter”.

Number Two: Simon Cowell’s Bet Against Him

His manager, Simon Cowell, whom we talked about in part one, bet 25,000 pounds against him at the 2012 Wimbledon final. He turned out to be right, because he lost to Roger Federer.

Number One: He Always Brings His PlayStation with Him

Murray is a hardcore gamer. He always takes his PlayStation with him wherever he goes. In 2009, the news broke that his girlfriend Kim broke up with him because of his video game addiction. That wasn’t true: two stayed together, got married and just recently had a baby. We hope you enjoyed learning about the famous tennis player!

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