Amy Poehler: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We brought you part one of this list of interesting and little-known facts about Amy Poehler. The article wasn’t long enough to cover all of the material, so now we’re back with part two.

Number Eight: She Makes Movies With Tina Fey as a Way to Ensure Quality Time Together

These two actresses are quite well known best friends. Unfortunately, they are both so busy that it’s hard to find time to hang out. Making films together is one way to ensure that this is possible.

Number Seven: Amy Poehler Was Nominated for a Primetime Emmy Two Years in a Row

She has been selected twice for a Primetime Emmy. These nominations were for her work on Saturday Night Live and occurred in both 2008 and 2009.

Number Six: She Played a Psychotic Fan

Back in the 1990s, Amy acted on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. For these segments, she appeared as Andy Richter’s younger sister, who had an obsessive crush on Conan.

Number Five: She Got Beauty Lessons from Tina Fey

When Tina Fey was 22, she learned about plucking her eyebrows and waxing her legs, things she was previously unaware of. Being the good friend that she is, she decided to clue in her friend on these newly discovered beauty tips.

Number Four: Amy Is a Phone Addict

Similar to most of us in our modern technology-obsessed age, Amy has an obsession with her smartphone. She claims that she keeps it nearby in order to feel less alone, and refers to it as a “technological pacifier”.

Number Three: A Fan Dropped His Script on Her Face

All celebrities deal with weird confrontations with strangers. Once when she was sleeping on a train, a lawyer dropped a script of his on her while she as asleep.

Number Two: She Has Experimented with Drugs

She has published a memoir on her story, the path to her success, and everything in between. In the book, she talks about her past experimentation with drugs, such as cocaine and ecstasy, gives inspirational words to people, and talks about how she got to the top.

Number One: Time Magazine’s Prestigious List

In 2011, she won a spot on Time magazine’s list of “100 Most Influential People.” We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about the comedian and actress.

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