American Express: Top 7 Tricks Every Cardholder Should Know



American Express is working its way up the corporate ladder to become one of the best resources for credit lending. Customers have flocked to the company because of their impressive sign-on offers and constant rewards, only furthering the impressive reputation of this institution. If you are considering joining in on the benefits or just want to explore the possibilities, we are here to give you the full scoop to get the most from your American Express card.

Number Seven: Play the Waiting Game

If you are planning on getting an American Discover card, it would benefit you not to rush into the process. This bank is famous for its reputation of circulating offers like sign-on bonuses and exclusive rebates to new customers in order to bring in business. Although, you only get one bonus per lifetime. I believe the current offer is up to a $250 bonus, but read the fine print, of course.

Number Six: Raising the Credit Bar

As another marketing ploy, American Express is well known for their tendency to raise credit limits. The company wants you to spend more, and they will usually accept a raise of up to three times what you started with. This ability is another perk of the card, because it will help you to raise your credit score with other cards.

Number Five: American Express Believes in Second Chances

If your recent credit card application has been declined, it may be to your benefits to plead you case. The institution provides a contact to their reconsideration line, and they might rethink your application. Often, the customer service agent will ask you to answer a few questions, and approve the credit line.

Number Four: The Benefit of Downgrading

American Express offers a lot of credit card options, and a good portion of those are fixed with outrageous annual fees. If you want to change the card, you may downgrade it at no cost to a card with lower fees. Many of the lower fee cards offer the same rewards options, as well.

Number Three: Small Business Saturday

Every year, American Express hosts an event called Small Business Saturday to promote local shopping. This is also a ploy to businesses to begin accepting the American Express card. The basic idea is that the bank will offer a credit bonus for spending at a local business, usually a fixed credit per transaction of a certain amount.

Number Two: Getting Multiple Cards

If you are in the market for a few new cards, Amex rewards you for applying in full. As long as you apply for all of the cards in the same 24 hours, the hard inquiries that affect your credit will lump into one. Choose wisely though, because they give you a limit of four cards per account.

Number One: Loads of Offers

When it comes to getting the most out of your credit card benefits, there are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of. In redeeming rewards points, most Amex customers only make a call to retention at the close of a year. Although really, it is most beneficial to give them a call every three months. Sometimes there will be nothing to redeem, but they are known to throw in a bonus here and there. In addition, there are a lot of offers able to be synced to your card online, and will reward you for making certain purchases. We hope you enjoyed learning our seven tricks to using American Express Cards!

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