American Crime: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



American Crime is the most thematically provocative show on air right now, with an in-depth analysis of racial dynamics, justice inequalities and rape culture, among others. We are back today with seven more fun facts about the show.

Number Seven: They Wanted a Diverse Cast

Before John Ridley and the rest of the team even started to work on the plot of the series, they already had one clear idea in mind: it should showcase diversity. They wanted the show to include groups of people who are usually under and misrepresented in terms of ethnic, gender and sexual orientation in American television. And that applied to the team behind the cameras as well.

Number Six: Tim Hutton Wanted a Role Here

Hutton got himself a copy of the script and was blown away by the story and how well written it was. He was so interested in being a part of the show he offered ABC to fly all the way across the country just to discuss the series with the producers. He even brought a notebook full of annotations and suggestions for his character’s development. Eventually, he got the role of Russ.

Number Five: Connor Jessup Can’t Watch ‘That’ Episode

As we mentioned in part one, Connor Jessup plays the role of a sexually abused high school student. When he auditioned for the role, he had no idea what his character was going to go through. Jessup is now terrified to watch that particular episode, which really impacted him on a deep, psychological level.

Number Four: Modesto Citizens Didn’t Enjoy the Show

The first season of American Crime takes place in Modesto, California, and it really upset some of its residents. Modesto citizens complained that the show painted an inaccurate, unflattering and disrespectful picture of “the most ideal place to be living.”

Number Three: Different Writers for Different Episodes

There’s a big team of writers behind American Crime. Even though they all pitched ideas together, it was always just one writer working on the final script for an episode. Depending on the topic of the episode, it would be a different person carrying out the task. For instance, episodes dealing with parents and children were written by team members who actually had children, and so on.

Number Two: Huffman’s Purposely Brown Contacts

Felicity Huffman, who is naturally blue-eyed, wears brown contacts in season one. That was a conscious decision by John Ridley, who wanted to give her “shark eyes” so as to appear impenetrable.

Number One: American Crime and Ferguson

Season one of the show is largely based on racial tension and justice inequalities. During production for the show, the shooting of Michael Brown took place. Ridley was worried they would be perceived as trying to profit on such a terrible incident, but then realized how important it is to show that these things actually happen. In fact, they decided to add a little nod to the Ferguson movement by painting the phrase “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” on the actors’ hands during the riot scenes. We hope you found these little fun facts interesting!

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