American Airlines: Top 8 Ways to Use Your Miles



American Airlines has a great system for rewarding frequent fliers with air miles, and there are so many helpful ways to use them. With all of the various options, we saw it fit to bring you the very best ways to get the most from your rewards. Find out how to get the biggest benefits below!

Number Eight: Use the Off-Peak Season

One great feature offered by American Airlines is the ability to take advantage of their off-peak seasons. When travel is slow, the airline will let you travel at a discount. For example, a flight to Hawaii that might cost 17,500 miles would only cost 12,500 miles if you choose the right date.

Number Seven: Citi Cardholder Discount

If you are a frequent flier on American Airlines, it might be to your benefit to look into getting a Citi brand credit card. Since the companies teamed up, they offer reduced miles for qualifying flights: basically, any flight within the continental United States and Canada. The cities that feature discount deals are updated monthly, so you can save yourself a few thousand miles with the right planning.

Number Six: Citi Mileage Refund

Additionally, Citi cardholders receive a 10% mileage discount on all miles flown. You don’t even have to use the card- it just has to be linked up to your account. This discount can be redeemed up to 10,000 miles per year.

Number Five: Fly Cathay First Class

Flying Cathay first class to Asia is by far one of the greatest deals on the market. The first class cabins, service, and convenience surpass any other route, and you receive the most for your miles.

Number Four: Fly Qantas Business Class

Another great bang-for-your-buck seat that serves as a great loyalty reward is the Qantas business class route. With this option, you can get an international stop added to your domestic flight for only an additional 37,500 miles. Deals with Qantas are hard to find sometimes, but they usually appear right at the last minute.

Number Three: Oneworld Explorer Awards

Oneworld is a bit stricter that the American Airlines system you are used to, but it really does help to add on the benefits. Basically, you get awards based on distance travelled. These awards help mainly for international trips, but it’s great if you’re a world traveler!

Number Two: Fly to Asia or the South Pacific

Asia and the South Pacific are prime destinations for discount flights. If you fancy a trip to Hong Kong, Vietnam, or even Australia, the award rates can be redeemed at a significant discount. The rates are roughly 25,000 in economy, 35,000 in business, and 45,000 in first class.

Number One: Fly American Airlines to South America

South America is another little sweet spot for American Airlines rewards travelers. After the LAN merger with TAM, and the facts that they remain in the Oneworld circle, it has become easier (and cheaper!) than ever for AA customers to redeem cheap rewards to Chile, Peru, or even Brazil. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the top eight ways to use your American Airlines air miles!

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