AMC Theatres: 9 Facts You Didn’t Know



AMC Theatres has been an innovator in the movie theater business for more than 50 years. The chain presents one-of-a-kind specials and film offerings in state-of-the-art theater accommodations. Over the years, the chain has acquired numerous other chains, as well as acquired themselves by a large Chinese company, in turn giving the chain more than 663 theaters across the United States and China. Here are 9 interesting facts about AMC Theatres.

Number Nine: AMC Theatres Had the First Rewards Program in the Industry

When AMC Theatres started the MovieWatchers Rewards program, it was a first of its kind free program to give frequent patrons perks for being loyal customers. The chain discontinued the program in 2011 and in its place started the paid AMC Stubs program.

Number Eight: They Show Metropolitan Opera Productions on the Big Screen

The Metropolitan Opera has been bringing their performances to the big screen with AMC Theatres for the last 10 years. Ticketed through Fathom events, live operas are broadcast at select theaters on Saturday nights and then re-shown on Wednesday nights.

Number Seven: They Own the Most Theaters of Any Movie Theater Chain

With the acquisition of Carmike Cinemas in 2016, AMC Theatres became the largest movie theater chain in United States. The chain currently has 663 theaters, nearly 100 more than their closest competitor.

Number Six: They Have Autism-Friendly Movie Showings

In partnership with the Autism Society, AMC Theatres created the sensory Friendly Film program in 2009. The program allows for patrons at certain theaters to see a movie in a family-friendly setting where it is okay for someone to act out without judgement.

Number Five: They are Committed to Multi-Cultural and Independent Flicks

Besides the typical big box movies that every theater shows, AMC Theatres has also made a commitment to multi-cultural film fare. Select locations have current Indian, Asian-Pacific and Spanish-language films. AMC also shows independent films and even has its own exclusive indie flicks that you can’t see anywhere else.

Number Four: They Have a Charitable Fund

In order to give back to the communities in which they reside, the company started the AMC Cares Charitable Fund. Founded in 1993 as a way for their employees to support disaster relief, it now funds any charitable effort the company sees fit to promote. As part of the fund, AMC Theatres takes grant submissions from charities and gives out scholarships to high schoolers committed to their communities.

Number Three: They Sponsor a Movie-Based YouTube Show

AMC Theatres sponsors part of the Collider Movie Talk video podcast. This includes daily segments on box office predictions and reports, and discussions about new movies and movies that came out years ago.

Number Two: AMC Theatres is Testing Their ETX Experience

In 2010, AMC came out with a new movie watching experience called ETX. First tested out at their location within Disney World, the enhanced viewing and sound system offers twice as many audio channels as the typical theater using 500,000 watts of power and a “wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling” screen. The system has been rolled out in a few more markets over the last six years.

Number One: They Created the First Multiplex Theater in the World

When Stanley Durwood started AMC Theatres in 1963, he decided that he could make more money from his theaters by putting more than one screen inside. His first “multiplex” was built in Kansas City and had two screens. The theater was such a success that he kept adding more screens with each new theater. In 1995, AMC went on to build the first “megaplex” as well, which, by definition, has more than 20 screens. Thank you for reading our list of nine facts you didn’t know about AMC Theatres. We hope you enjoyed it!

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