Amazon Prime: 7 Membership Tips and Tricks



Amazon Prime has exploded in the media for its unique array of services, and we have come to tell you just what’s up with this membership. If you haven’t yet tried the new Prime program, it’s time you explore the options. What have you got to lose?

Number Seven: Free for Moms and College Kids

For a little while, anyway. They offer a free trial through Amazon Mom for mothers with all the perks, but it ends after 3 months. At that point, you will have to start paying $79 a year. For students, you can get the trial for six months with Amazon Student, followed by a reduced rate of $39 annually. They even have a library and some movies for you.

Number Six: Lending a Hand

With Amazon Prime membership, the site actually allows you to lend your shipping benefits to your family. Anyone at your address may share the gift of free shipping, provided they know the relationship between the two of you. This cool little feature will work with up to four other people.

Number Five: Customize the Experience

Even for customers who aren’t members of Amazon Prime, a user may customize presets on the account. This cuts out all of the “payment method” hassles; all you have to do is enter a default address and payment option. For Prime, you just select standard shipping as default and the system will take care of the two-day shipping.

Number Four: Amazon Prime Instant Video

If you can’t get enough video streaming, Instant Video can be a great discovery if you have a smart TV. By connecting to the internet, Prime members can get video straight to their TVs. Or, you could always go the old fashioned route and get to it from your Xbox. Either way works.

Number Three: The Exclusive Video

Once you do get hooked on Amazon Prime’s Instant Video, the service has this neat little feature to discover called Prime Exclusives. This category is dedicated to film and television titles that are only available on Prime and can’t be found on Netflix.

Number Two: Money Back Perks

The option for two-day shipping at no extra cost is a great feature of Prime membership, but not using it can actually save you a little money. Sure, sometimes you’re in a hurry and you need your item ASAP, but let’s say you’re not. If it doesn’t particularly matter when the item shows up, you will get a little bit of your money back from your purchase by selecting “no rush”.

Number One: Get It First

If you are waiting for the release of a book you just have to read or a game you just have to play, Amazon Prime can save you from waiting in line on release day. As one of the many benefits of Prime, users can pre-order items ahead of their release. On the day the item is released, it will already be on its way to you. We hope you enjoyed discovering our seven tips and tricks to Amazon Prime membership!

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