Alexander The Great: 15 Cool Facts (Part 2)



Recently we brought you part one of this list of little-known facts about Alexander The Great, the famous leader known for being undefeated and conquering numerous nations. Here is part two of our list of information about the man.

Number Eight: Alexander The Great Was Preserved in Honey

After the man’s death, they needed a way to preserve his body before sending it back to Macedonia. They used an embalming method which involved immersing the corpse in honey to prevent decay.

Number Seven: The Gordian Knot

Known as the most complicated of all knots in the world, there was a legend that claimed that whoever could come along and untie it, would become the greatest ruler of Asia. When Alexander attempted it, it’s said that he failed initially and proceeded to cut through it with his sword.

Number Six: A Skilled Strategist

Most of us know that he was a great leader of brutal battles, but it’s not as well known that he was also well versed in patient strategy. He became even more revered after he successfully devised a plan to penetrate a large island city.

Number Five: Inspired by Leonidas

It’s been said that Leonidas gave Alexander some advice once about not wasting incense from a country unless you conquered it yourself. Later on, after successfully conquering many Asian lands, Alexander supposedly sent his old teacher an expensive ration of incense.

Number Four: The Charitable Leader

He was generous to family members of soldiers who had fallen in battle. He rewarded them with tax immunity and also put up statues to honor the death of their loved ones.

Number Three: He Didn’t have the Greatest Relationship with His Father

King Philip was not around very often, busy with fighting wars in far off places. It’s also said that he abandoned his wife and son Alexander after meeting and remarrying a new woman.

Number Two: The Meeting with Diogenes

Alexander met this famous figure. Instead of being impressed, Diogenes asked the renowned man to please step aside out of his sunlight.

Number One: He Named a City After His Horse

Alexander loved his horse a lot. So much, in fact, that after the passing of his dear friend he named a city in his honor; Bucephala. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list!

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