Akon: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Our part one article with the first seven things you didn’t know about Akon really opened you up to this influential star’s personality. If you enjoyed learning about this classic rapper, you will love our part two! We have finally returned with the top eight things that you didn’t know about Akon; all you have to do is read along!

Number Eight: A Part of the Whole

Of all of the descriptions that Akon might fit, selfish is not one of them. He invests a large portion of profits in his own charity, called the Konfidance Foundation. This organization is primarily known for sending educational tools, health services and supplies, and recreation facilities for children in need in Africa.

Number Seven: Other Investments

In addition to funding his charity, the man has also invested in a diamond mine located in Africa. He has received a lot of criticism for this decision, to which he responds that he “doesn’t believe diamond conflict exists”.

Number Six: A TV Tribute

On the airing of the sixth episode of the 20th season of CSI: A Crime Scene Investigation, a tribute was made to the popular artist with the playing of his track “Snitch”. The artist’s song was chosen for the episode because the plot explores the deaths of three rappers from the street.

Number Five: A Home Away from Home

When Akon was questioned about his experiences in prison, he gave a rather startling response. He claimed that after only about six months in the facility, it began to feel like home to him. Seconds later, he revealed that he might need to make some changes in his life.

Number Four: The Real Debut

In one particular interview, Akon revealed that the original debut of his first album paid homage to his African roots. Before it was released in America, the album was dispersed in Africa and played on African radio stations.

Number Three: It’s Hard to be Akon

Akon spends a lot of time back in his hometown, though not as much as he would like. He has become so popular from his fame that it is an immense hassle just to get around town. Everywhere he goes, he requires the protection of military assistance.

Number Two: The Dropout

Akon is one of the elite men who have become a role model for dropouts, proving with his success that formal education is not the only indicator of intelligence. He attended Clark Atlanta University for a single semester before leaving to pursue his dreams.

Number One: The Businessman

This renowned musician has become quite the entrepreneur in the modern day, and for good reason. The man has revealed that he aims to work his way out of the music industry to pursue other dreams. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 15 things that you didn’t know about Akon!

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