AIDS: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)



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China Photos / Getty Images

AIDS is one of the most feared sicknesses in the world due to the fact that it has killed so many people. This fear has stopped many from learning as much about the disease as possible, unfortunately. However, there is always more you can know so that we can conquer it. Here are some more facts you need to know about AIDS now.

Number Eight: It Tricks Your Body

HIV/AIDS molecules trick the body it’s in. By surrounding itself with sugar molecules, the body allows in the virus, thinking its nutritious instead of deadly.

Number Seven: If Your Partner Has It, You Should Be Fine

As long as you and your partner practice safe sex by having protection, and avoid exchanging bodily fluids that would infect the other person, then you should be fine. It’s crucial to understand this in order to eliminate stigmas attached to the disease.

Number Six: Anyone Who Has HIV Should be Treated Immediately

People that become aware of the fact that they are infected should not hesitate to gain treatment of the disease. Antiretroviral therapy is a must for these clients.

Number Five: If You Have HIV, Your Children May Not

Although the chance for a child to be born with AIDS is higher if the person also has it, it doesn’t mean that the child will automatically have it. Some modern medicine will see that his chance is greatly reduced.

Number Four: AIDS Can Survive In Dried Blood

AIDS is a disease that requires a host in order to survive. Having said this, the disease can still linger in dried blood for almost a week in certain conditions (maintained pH, temperature, etc.).

Number Three:¬†You Won’t Know You Have HIV Right Away

People that have contracted the virus probably won’t have any sign of it right away. The symptoms of HIV don’t usually occur until it’s been two to four weeks.

Number Two: HIV Tests are Simple

In order to become aware of one’s HIV/AIDS status, a person needs to get tested. Many people are afraid of getting tested for a number of reasons, one of them being that they believe the tests are difficult to take. However, that is not the case. Tests usually can be taken in 10 minutes or less.

Number One: AIDS is Manageable

Although having AIDS is certainly a scary thing, it is very manageable in today’s society. Many people who have the disease have been able to stay healthy by having special medication and by living a healthy lifestyle. However, it is most important to keep in communication with your doctor to ensure that you will be able to live well even with the disease.

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