Afghanistan Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Afghanistan is arguably one of the most culturally distant countries in the world when compared with western nations. And still, in many ways, life is not so dissimilar there. Here’s more information on the nation in part two of the list.

Number Eight: The Nation is Becoming More Technologically Advanced

Slowly but surely. It is expected that over 90 percent of the nation will soon have access to cellular phone coverage for the first time ever. However, much of the nation still does not have access to electricity, so what this coverage will mean to the people is not so clear.

Number Seven: Thursday Night is Poetry Night in Afghanistan

Or at least in the city of Herat. Poetry is an important cultural pastime across the nation, but in Herat, Afghans gather to recite poetry together each Thursday of every week,

Number Six: The Largest Buddha Statues in the World Used to Exist in the Country

They used to exist in Bamiyan – carved into rock. Until the Taliban destroyed them in recent years.

Number Five: A Mountain Range in Afghanistan is Named “Hindu Killer”

It’s the Hindu Kush, but that translates to Hindu Killer. It’s the largest mountain range in the country, but its name is a grim reminder of religious conflict in the region.

Number Four: CIA Operatives Have Given Out Viagra to Elders

Apparently this was done to help secure information from United States allies in Afghan communities. It’s unorthodox but peaceful, so you can’t really blame them.

Number Three:┬áThere is a Skateboarding School in Afghanistan called Skateistan – and Almost Half of the Students are Females

This is an almost incredible fact. Girls are not allowed to ride bikes in much of the nation.

Number Two: There is an Archaeological Site Named Tillya Tepe That Houses Thousands of Gold Artifacts

And until 2003, there were men called “key holders”. His job was to protect these items from the Taliban.

Number One: There is a Single Jewish Person in Afghanistan

And this doesn’t mean he’s unmarried. It is believed that carpet trader Zablon Simintov is the only Jew in all of Afghanistan. That’s all the unusual Afghanistan information we’ve got for you. Hope you liked it.

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