Afghanistan Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Afghanistan is often characterized as a backward nation when it is described by western media sources. Of course, there is much that distinguishes Afghan culture from the type of society that exists in the United States. But there is much in common with the two as well. Time to investigate this a little bit in the first part of our list of things you didn’t know about Afghanistan.

Number Fifteen: Their New Year Begins on March 21st. They celebrate the day, called Nawroz, which is also the first day of spring. Surprisingly, this is not really a religious holiday as much of Afghanistan is Muslim and Nawroz is a pre-Muslim tradition.

Number Fourteen: The Afghan People Want Their National Sport to Be Competed in the Olympics. It’s called buzkashi. This translates to goat-grabbing. Here’s how it works: you ride around on horses and attempt to grab a dead goat. Then you score by dropping it in a circle that is drawn in chalk. I agree with the Afghan people. This should be an Olympic sport.

Number Thirteen: You Can Find Pictures of a Shirtless Arnold Schwarzenegger All Across the Nation. For some reason, images of the bodybuilder as a young man are posted up in gyms. For inspiration, apparently.

Number Twelve: Oil Painting Was Invented by the Afghan People. Surprisingly, this is not a European invention as oil painting is most associated with the European continent. Goes to show you how narrow-minded education can be.

Number Eleven: There’s Plenty of Opium in the Country. This has always been true and is a generally known fact. But what might not be as well-known – at least in the United States – is that the production of opium has shot up since the country was invaded by the U.S.

Number Ten: In 2001, The United States Dropped 2.4 Million Boxes Onto Afghanistan. And they were all boxes of Pop-Tarts.

Number Nine: There Was a Survey That Determined That 92% of Afghan Men Don’t Know that 9/11 Happened. This sounds completely unbelievable, but the survey was conducted by the International Council on Security and Development. So it’s possible. Check back for part two of this list, coming soon!

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