Affordable Octagon house in Wisconsin



Here’s a fun house that is up for grabs…

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A few months ago I profiled a large, elegant octagonal mansion – the Armour-Stiner House – you can read more about that one here. But this much smaller-scale octagon house in Whitewater, Wisconsin is for sale for a very attainable $139,900.

This modest blue house is not a historic preservation show-piece like the Armour-Stiner House, but it is cute as a button nonetheless.

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This uniquely shaped home has been gutted inside and now features new floors, new drywall, new counters, new sinks, even all new windows.

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Subsequently, not much of the original character remains inside but it is still very charming.

Have a look at what they did with the kitchen…

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It’s kind of an awkward shape but they have made good use of the space.

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The decor is fresh and casual…

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The bedrooms are located on the upper level – and they hug right into the octagonal shape of the house.

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The house actually has 3 bedrooms and one full bath plus a half bath.

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In the real estate blurb, the listing agent asks the question:

“Tired of the typical cookie cutter style home?”

Indeed, that is totally the type of phrasing that catches MY wandering eye.

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If only it wasn’t located in Wisconsin… closer to my Canada home, yes, but also that much more winter to put up with!

For more information on this wonderfully affordable octagon house, see here and also here.





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