Adult Swim: 7 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know



Adult Swim has been the comedy guilty pleasure of many over the years, but there are so many odd and just plain weird things about this television network that you didn’t know. Even if you have seen every bump that they have aired, there is so much to learn about Adult Swim that they have never told you. Good thing we are here to give you the scoop!

Number Seven: Studio Control

When the programming for Adult Swim first began in 1994, it was run by Ghost Planet Industries until 1998. However, by 1999, the studio underwent a series of changes. The name was one of these changes and emerged as Williams Street Studios in this year.

Number Six: The Trouble with Lauren Conrad

As Lauren Conrad was at the peak of her fame, she was offered a guest appearance on The Eric Andre Show. Fearing the media backlash of this appearance, her publicist was extremely against the decision. However, Lauren always had a great sense of humor and snuck out high school-style to have a little fun on the show. The man was livid at Lauren and the studios and left in a tizzy with the star yelling the Hollywood cliché that Andre would “never work in this town again.” Come to think about it, has anyone heard from him in a while?

Number Five: Getting Risky

When it comes to pitching ideas for new shows, the network isn’t exactly choosy with their shows. You may have realized that by watching their network. Their shows are almost always hit or miss, mainly because each one has an extremely low budget of $50,000 per episode. That’s what you pay for about a single minute of The Simpsons.

Number Four: The Longest Running Adult Swim Show

To date, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been aired longer than any other program on the AS network. The three protagonists were actually introduced in a previous show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Meatwad, Frylock, and Shake appeared in one of the show’s episodes and must have hit it big with fans because they got their own spin-off. Sadly, the show just featured its final season last year.

Number Three: A Love for Hanna-Barbera

Because Cartoon Network was largely influenced by Hanna-Barbera cartoons (and even owned by the corporation for a short time), Adult Swim got a lot of their early inspiration from their cartoons. Some believe it was a ploy to relate the two networks in a comedic way. They have claimed that Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Sealab 2021, and The Brak Show were all based on Hanna-Barbera originals.

Number Two: The Famous Bumps

The Adult Swim network has become largely known for their unique intro/outro bumps, which contribute to a lot of the programming’s comedic appeal. The bumps feature black and white text usually aimed to get a laugh from ironic stupidity. However, they have been known to make an occasionally serious bump to pay homage to late stars, such as Neil Armstrong, Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs, and Randy Savage.

Number One: Reviving Greatness

If it weren’t for the unique comedy geniuses over at Adult Swim, many of our favorite television series would have been lost to the past. After shows like The Oblongs, Futurama, and most notably Family Guy were discontinued from their home networks, AS got the rights and gave them all a new future. The Oblongs may have died off, but Futurama and Family Guy are still running strong thanks to this network. We hope you enjoyed reading about the seven weird facts about Adult Swim that they don’t tell you in bumps!

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