A stylish 1830 Colonial home on the Raritan Canal



image from: www.oldhouses.com

A big, beautifully restored 1830’s home on a canal is a sight that will turn my head. There’s just something about lush greenery on a meandering narrow waterway that is inherently beguiling…

image from: www.oldhouses.com

Perhaps it’s because I live in an arid climate and have green lawn envy.

Perhaps it’s because I love water features but am too physically and emotionally incapable, er, lazy to maintain them.

Whatever the case, this canal-side home near Princeton, New Jersey is the perfect example of why I yearn for northeastern-style landscapes in the summertime.

image from: www.oldhouses.com

And this home is for sale.

It’s on a small private lane along the Delaware & Raritan Canal in the Historic Port Mercer neighborhood. 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths for under $475,000 in West Windsor – on the Princeton side!! Unbelievable!

– from: www.oldhouses.com

image from: www.oldhouses.com

Apparently, this house is a really good deal.

The color choices inside are impressive: rich yellows and rusty reds; moody blues and earthy greens.

image from: www.oldhouses.com

Although the home has been thoroughly modernized, it still retains its vintage charm via the original built-ins, fireplaces and wood floors.

image from: oldhouses.com

The decor is textured and delicate, but not overly done.

image from: www.oldhouses.com

Normally I’m not a fan of dark yellow walls (especially of the Grey Poupon Dijon kind), but I have to admit, the room below makes a very compelling argument…

image from: www.oldhouses.com

If you would like more information about this yummy colonial-style home on a canal, see the complete listing here.

It’s hard to believe that this tranquil property is only “3.5 miles” away from Downtown Princeton!

image from: www.oldhouses.com

Perhaps you could just hop in the canoe to go get your groceries?

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