A shipping container house for sale in Victoria B.C.



Houses made from shipping containers are the newest green home fad to take hold.

They are touted as a way to create domestic and commercial space in a manner that is affordable, eco-friendly, efficient and flexible.

image from: http://zigloo.ca/

I’m a fan of anything repurposed into a home because I find it ingenious and also visually stimulating. However… I don’t know if I’m totally sold on the aesthetics of shipping container homes…

image from: http://zigloo.ca/

I get that they are going for the chic industrial look… and I appreciate that.

image from: http://zigloo.ca/

But I just can’t get past the chain-link fence used as part of the design!

Built by a Canadian company out of Victoria, British Columbia called Zigloo, this home is currently for sale for $728,000 . It has 1,920 square feet and 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms.

It also reportedly “saved 70 trees” during construction, according to http://zigloo.ca.

image from: http://zigloo.ca/zigloo_domestique_hd/

The interior is modern and surprisingly warm. The floors are rich (cork?) and the ceilings are beautiful.

But that staircase…

image from: http://zigloo.ca/for-sale/

…is just a little too reminiscent of a dog kennel for me (perhaps the poor pooch thinks so as well).

But the kitchen is lovely:

image from: http://zigloo.ca/for-sale/

Some of the green aspects of this house are super efficient soy-based spray foam insulation, hot water on demand in-floor heating system, a green roof, and numerous up-cycled materials (including 8 shipping containers).

– from: http://zigloo.ca/for-sale/

In the bathroom, you would never guess that this serene space is built inside a former shipping container:

image from: http://zigloo.ca/for-sale/

image from: http://zigloo.ca/for-sale/

Despite the sophisticated design in most of the house, going up the stairs strikes me as an experience in… well, an urban school yard

image from: http://zigloo.ca/for-sale/

…complete with creepy watchful black crow!

Maybe the homeowners are just really into crows…

image from: http://zigloo.ca/for-sale/

For more information on this unique green home, see here and here.

What do you think? Could you handle a chain link fence inside your house?



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