A modular prefab green home



It’s almost an oxymoron. But there is such a thing.

A company by the nifty name of Greenfab in Seattle, Washington builds modular homes that are “fast to build, of the highest quality, incredibly energy efficient, healthy, strong, and at an affordable starting price.”

I try not to be a house snob – I like any type of domicile – but from the stories on the news about modular homes having toxic formaldehyde poisoning, caving in under a strong gust of wind, and so on, modular homes don’t exactly scream “strong” and “healthy” to me… especially in the same sentence.

But what do I know. Innovative, eco-oriented designers and builders have been putting site-built homes to shame lately.

Check out one of Greenfab’s latest Seattle projects:

image from: www.greenfab-media.com

This home sold last year but was open for public tours in March of 2011, so we have a bunch of photos available for our viewing pleasure.

image from: greenfab.com

image from: greenfab.com

This is the living room area:

image from: greenfab.com

The sleek modern kitchen features “Ecotop recycled paper countertops

image from: greenfab.com

Recycled paper countertops? Sounds awesome but I wonder how durable they are…

image from: greenfab.com

An innovative interior staircase railing:

image from: greenfab.com

Is that just plywood screwed on there?

It looks so hip and artistic in the context of this house!

image from: greenfab.com

This is some “second floor flex space“… again with the plywood-type floors. I wonder if they are meant to be left raw and unfinished or if the builder just leaves them that way for the buyer to decide?

image from: greenfab.com

Bathroom/laundry room combo:

image from: greenfab.com

The peep-show bedroom (no window coverings!)…

image from: greenfab.com

This compact, inconspicuous little gadget is the Convectair backup electric heat

image from: greenfab.com

And this thing in the ceiling is the “Fujitsu mini-split heat pump

image from: greenfab.com

Amazing views of downtown Seattle from the rooftop deck:

image from: greenfab.com

For all the details on this home or other projects that Greenfab has going on, check out this link.

They have a clever concept… it sure got my attention.

(Seattle produces the coolest things… Starbucks, The Space Needle, Bill & Melinda Gates, the smiley face logo…)

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