A little bit of everything in this California bungalow



image from: http://soulfulabode.com/

You’d never guess from the chic, immaculate exterior but this eastside Los Angelas home was actually built in the year 1905.

This property was profiled a few weeks ago by Realtor Vanessa Yan on her wonderful blog Soulful Abode. I love reading all the new listings she debuts – there are so many amazing character homes in the neighborhoods she covers.

Built into the hill-side lot, this bungalow actually retains a lot of original charm, combined with artistic modern flourishes.

image from: http://soulfulabode.com/

The main living room features polished concrete floors and vaulted ceiling with a central beam.

Other parts of the house are accentuated with reclaimed wood…

image from: soulfulabode.com

What’s old is made new and stylish in this historic home.

image from: http://soulfulabode.com/

Currently listed at $689,000, this hillside bungalow has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in 1,839 square feet.

image from: http://soulfulabode.com/

It is difficult to pin a definitive style on this home… it’s certainly eclectic.

image from: zillow.com

I love the unexpected decor – fun and modern, yet quaint and vintage at the same time.

image from: zillow.com

Many of the rooms have the original double-hung windows…

image from: http://soulfulabode.com

Check out one of the three remodeled bathrooms…

image from: http://soulfulabode.com/

And being a California bungalow, this home has some fantastic outdoor living spaces…

image from: zillow.com

image from: http://soulfulabode.com/

According to Vanessa,

Best part: the outdoor living space with resort-caliber cabana will pretty much ensure you’ll never want to leave this retreat.

– from: Soulful Abode

image from: http://soulfulabode.com/

I’d have to say, I agree with that!

image from: zillow.com

image from: http://soulfulabode.com/

I REALLY love this home!

For more information on this artistic bungalow you can contact Vanessa here and see additional pictures from the listing here.


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