A house on stilts



image from: realtor.com

There are plenty of houses that sit on stilts in the Gulf Coast region (due to the risk of storm surges and high water tables). But if you’ve ever toured around Colorado or any mountainous area, you may have seen a few these things as well.

Often built on the side of a hill, these types of homes take advantage of incredible views by enabling really steep lots to be inhabitable. (If you don’t mind the stairs.)

image from: realtor.com

This box-like house on stilts is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado, not far from the famous Manitou Cliff Dwellings:

image from: panoramio.com

So what does the inside of a house-on-stilts look like?

image from: realtor.com

Surprisingly normal.

image from: realtor.com

This home seems tiny from the outside but it actually feels spacious inside. It has 1,032 square feet of living space.

image from: realtor.com

image from: realtor.com

image from: realtor.com

Currently listed for sale at $200,000, this 1978 home has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

image from: realtor.com

In the photo above, you can see the support & beam structures which are the skeleton of the house.

image from: realtor.com

There is a teeny tiny outdoor space where you can’t do much more than drink a cup of coffee…

image from: realtor.com

But the lot is actually .16 of an acre – which is a decent sized lot. The problem is… all of that acreage is on the side of a hill.

The upside…

image from: realtor.com

…the views, of course.

For more information about this unique stilt-home see here.


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