A cluster of historic cottages for sale in Pennsylvania



This 2 acre compound in eastern Pennsylvania caught my eye last week. It features three historic cottages from the 1920’s and teens. (One historic cottage is great… but three are phenomenal!)

Set in the lush woodlands near a river, these cottages are currently on the market for the 3-for-1 price of $549,000.

One of them is technically an old cabin and each one has a separate well and septic system. There is also a “natural koi pond on the property with artesian well.”

Let’s have a look:

Cottage #1, image from: oldhouses.com

Sweet right?

This is the living room of cottage #1 … decorated with period antiques:

image from: oldhouses.com

Here is the cottage kitchen:

image from: oldhouses.com

And this is the peaceful green bedroom (look at that bed!)…

image from: oldhouses.com

Moving on to cottage #2…

image from: oldhouses.com

Is it just me or is this one reminiscent of cabins at summer camp?

image from: oldhouses.com

Or, Baby’s cabin in the movie Dirty Dancing?

image from: oldhouses.com

Look at that gorgeous stone fireplace!

image from: oldhouses.com

There is a lot of wood paneling to be sure, but I think it is appropriate for a rustic cottage.

View of the river from cottage #2:

image from: oldhouses.com

And back inside, this is cottage #2’s kitchen:

image from: oldhouses.com

And the teal green dining room…

image from: oldhouses.com

Lovely stained glass window!

Are you ready for cottage #3?

This is the “cabin” of the three – I guess because it has log siding, and is a tad more rustic than the first two.

image from: oldhouses.com

I love it just the same.

image from: oldhouses.com

Although… those “horn-chairs” are not my taste. Maybe they are tusks? I can’t tell.

Here is the very tiny kitchenette in cabin #3:

image from: oldhouses.com

An equally cozy bedroom:

image from: oldhouses.com

This is an exterior shot of the cabin showing steps down to the river:

image from: oldhouses.com

This property would be an excellent vacation rental… or a compound for the family that likes to have their own separate spaces!

For all the details, see the complete listing at one of my favorite websites: Old Houses.com.


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