911: Top 5 Most Haunting Calls Ever Made



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Listening to 911 calls will give a lot of people the creeps, but some 911 emergency calls are so disturbing that they can never be forgotten. These 911 calls are so haunting that once you hear them you won’t be able to forget them. Proceed with caution below.

Number Five: Family Killed in Car Crash. California highway patrolman Mark Saylor had rented a Lexus for himself and his family to go on a vacation. In a horrific twist, the accelerator on the Lexus became stuck when they were on the freeway, and the family became helpless. Mark called 911 to see if someone could help, but it was too late. The most haunting line from the call: “We’re approaching the intersection. Hold on, pray, pray. Oh, shoot there’s… (silence).”

Number Four: Columbine High School Librarian. Patti Nielson was the librarian at Columbine High School on the day of the shootings in 1999. She called 911 and stayed on the line while the shooter was outside the library and eventually came into the library. She strived to keep all of the kids underneath the library’s tables and was able to speak to the 911 operator despite having glass stuck in her shoulder. Most haunting line: “He’s in the library…”

Number Three: Child Saves Mother. Six-year-old Lisa was used to witnessing her stepfather beat her mother and siblings, so one night she reacted by calling 911. The call documents her screaming and crying as her stepfather beats her mother and siblings, and he is relentless. Most haunting line: “My stepdaddy has got the baby now.”

Number Two: Father Kills Two Daughters. On New Years Day 2008, Yaser Abdel Said shot both of his daughters, Amina and Sarah Said, in a taxi cab for allegedly having boyfriends. Sarah was able to call 911 as she was dying, and the police never made it in time. Most haunting line: “I’m dying, that’s what’s up.”

Number One: Woman Stabs 2-Year-Old and Self. A Massachusetts woman who believed she was being stalked and followed by cult members stabbed herself and her two-year-old child nearly 100 times while undergoing a psychotic break. A nearby policeman called 911 but could not approach her without being sprayed. Most haunting line: “I’ve got a woman in here that’s stabbing herself and a child.”

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