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What is a room without some fun added to it? Many people play with colours and still a few others play with the lights and décor. But have you ever heard of people playing with room heights to add that extra punch to their interior decoration?

Well, we bring to you just that! Whether you want to create drama with heights or you are facing a total space crunch and just need to place everything within one area, you could definitely take inspiration from these nine rooms with amazing Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves that provide a perfect art décor as well as a novel concept of storage.

  1. The Saint Martins Lofts, in London, designed by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands (architects), and Darling Associates (interiors):


Think chic, think stylish! This is what we instantly feel when we look at this clean and bright unit in Saint Martins Lofts (London). This place is designed by the architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands in collaboration with the Interior Decorator Darling Associates.

The Saint Martins Lofts is set in the original central Saint Martins Art School above the new Foyles Bookshop in London.

This duplex apartment comprises of a stunning reception / dining room with double height ceiling and a spacious kitchen with white matt lacquered base and wall units and equipped with the most modern amenities from the Miele appliances.

But the best part of this place is that it boasts of an attractive floor to ceiling bookshelf and ladder.

This structure evokes to the mind of a classic construction with an aesthetic grandeur. The award-winning architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands with the famous interior decorators Darling Associates have created an impressive artwork with a modern and contemporary taste.

The compact floor to ceiling bookshelf adds to the contemporariness of the entire entity. The bookshelf gives a modish look while also saving space. The floor-to-ceiling shelf not only gives a grand look but also provides the user with an opportunity to keep everything stacked in a neat and compact way. One could add any ornamental pieces as well along with the books, to provide a well-proportioned and enhancive look. The ladders are well-connected and have been attached with a sliding bar, for ease and comfort.
The Saint Martins Lofts are located in the creative locality of London and thus very much represent the modern artistry that this area is known for.

If you are looking to add a hint of glamour to your own apartments, then this floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a sliding ladder is certainly something to look out for.

  1. The Alfred Street Residence in Prahan, Australia, designed byStudio-four.

The Alfred Street Residence in Prahan, Australia, is designed by Studio-four. The project is headed by the architects Annabelle Berryman and Sarah Henry. This residence was created in 2014.

The project involved the renovation of an older Victorian house. The team has strived to add modern elements to this ancient place with a spacious and apt design. A series of sliding connecting doors between the indoors and the outdoors enhance the user friendliness. The kitchen is linked to a courtyard, which can be used for outdoor dining or other activities.

The apartment has been set in a beautiful combination of white and pale brown timber elements which bear a sense of purity, elegance and fine taste.


But what sets this place apart is the floor to ceiling shelf that adorns the living room. It is set as a divider between the living room and the kitchen. The most beautiful thing about this concept is the eye-catchy brown timber material and the simplicity. The shelves can be used to keep books, or any other essential things as well as some decorative items. It enhances the view of the room and since it is set as a divider in between the two rooms, it stands at an easy at hand and a convenient spot.

Taking inspiration from the Alfred Street Residence in Prahan, one can easily make even the most minimalist house stand out with a dramatic floor to ceiling encasing.

  1. Stratford Creek House in Austin, Texas, designed by Matt Garcia Design.

The Stratford Creek is a private residence located in Austin, Texas, USA and designed by Matt Garcia Design. The residence is created in a very chic manner and has a very large living room with ample light flooding it.


The interesting part about this room is the built-in storage. This makes the room quite functional and one can store a lot of things along with books and other necessary items. This helps to store all the stuff in a tidy and presentable way. The built-in bookcase is set along the wall so that it also adds to the décor of the room.


sc_051114_09-200x200                                                    sc_051114_08-200x200

Another great idea that the artists have embedded into designing the built-in bookshelf is to keep it standing right next to the balcony for people who enjoy sitting in luxury in the balcony to read and relax at the same time.

  1. The CitizenM Hotel in London, designed by Concrete Architectural Associates:


The Citizen-M hotels are a distinctive accommodation designed Amsterdam-based by Concrete Architectural Associates, in London. Citizen-M has infused the hotel’s aesthetics with new sophistication along with a great architecture.

The ground floor has been planned to look like an open lobby and is styled to look like the living rooms of a very well-travelled person. Space is well-coordinated with modern elegance and old traditions and beautified with furniture range from the furniture design giant Vitra.

cm_270612_01-200x200                                                       cm_270612_04-200x200

The centre of the open lobby holds an attraction for every guest. It has a built-in floor to ceiling shelf rack complete with a built-in television and an electric fireplace. On each side are shelves designed in box shapes of various sizes to keep books, magazines and other ornamental decorations in them. The design of this shelf not only builds to the attraction of the centrepiece but also comes handy to store things in a precise manner.

CitizenM hotels have thus focussed on providing affordable luxury to its residents with a great artwork like the book shelf cabinet to provide a homely atmosphere as well as for entertainment purposes.

The group has put emphasis on contemporary art and we sure do love the ‘Celebrate Life’ theme!

  1. The Dune Villa in Utrecht, The Netherlands, designed by HILBERINKBOSCH Architects:

HILBERINKBOSCH Architects have built a contemporary house in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It is a site well-built to match the ambience of the pine forests of Netherlands in which it is built.

The architect and the interiors are created with a well-balanced and coordinated mesh reflecting the pine forest ambience. The rough concrete floor from the courtyard continues to surround the swimming pool. They have built a Piet Hein Eek bookcase for the office space from harvested birch trunks and glass panels. These reflect the birch trees in the garden.


Do you want to add a touch of nature into your room? Take inspiration from this floor to ceiling shelf towering in the room just like the birch tree!

  1. The Tea House in Shanghai, China, designed by Archi-Union Architects:

The Tea House located in the Yangpu province of Shanghai, China, is situated in the patio of Archi-Union’s J-office. The architect has tried to imbibe the contrasting relations such as openness and closeness, delightful spaces and intellectual space, public and private places, etc.


The building layout is a logically obscure quadrilateral which makes maximum use of the available space. A covered public area is formed towards the open space with the pool, with an enclosed tea house at ground level and library on the first floor.


The Tea House is a very cosy and a delightful place filled with comfortable sitting arrangements and a spectacular floor to ceiling book shelf. The sitting arrangement and the bookshelf together make a perfect combination offering leisure, rest and comfort to the visitors.

And of course, one can sip their favourite cuppa of tea along with a great read!

  1. The Long Brick House in Pilisborosjeno, Hungary, designed by Földes & Co. Architects:

The Long Brick House is a project structured by the architects Földes & Co. in 2013. This home is on the side of the Big-Proud Peak in Pilisborosjeno, Hungary, and was designed for a couple who were looking for an abode not only for retiring purposes but also to support their large library of books.


This house is born as a classic masterpiece with minimalist and aesthetic works. It has a spacious terrace while the interior offers a large books space, a sauna, 50-centimenter-thick brick walls created to retain heat, and an empty, well-ventilated attic.


The architect found a perfect use for a recess that was otherwise barren. They set up a 17 meters long bookshelf right along the wall of the recess. The giant bookshelf fulfils more functions than simply acting as storage for books. The designers have put up modular system windows all along the length of the shelf with about 50 cm deep walls. This gives the owners ample space to store other items they may want to add. In the living room, the shelves are united with the fireplace creating a relaxing and enjoyable space.

  1. The Vance Lane Residence in Austin, Texas, designed by Chioco Design:

The Vance Lane Residence is a private home designed by Chioco Design and built by Miars Construction and is located in West Austin, Texas, USA.


This Vance Lane Residence is quite exquisite and elegant.

It provides a very homely atmosphere with its mixed materials such as walnut floor, vertical grain white oak panelling and cabinetry, limestone tiles and steel. The open plan living and the dining space are beautifully conjoined with a large bookcase contributing to the overall beauty of this place.

The bookshelf comes with a sliding ladder which makes it very easy to slide along and find the exact book one wants.

Very accommodative and very vogue, this bookshelf adds an element of elegance to your room!

  1. The West London House in London, England, designed by SHH:


The West London Houseis is designed by SHH architecture. They refurbished an original Victorian property that was split into four flats during the post-war period. The architects have converted it into a single luxury family home with seven bedrooms and five floors with the original surroundings.


This luxury house has a lovely library which provides a quiet reading spot to the reader. The floor to ceiling book   case gives a striking effect to the room and blends well with the overall décor of the room.

These 9 rooms with the classic floor to ceiling bookshelves are great arts of intellectual creativity.

So, need to add that impressive look to your house? Then bring in the built-in floor to ceiling bookcase! And create a sensational way of beautifying your place with aesthetic work and that too with an added advantage – to put everything in a neat and orderly fashion!


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