9 Loft Spaces That have it All Figured Out



A comfortable and stylish space is all that one demands from the housing, be it a regular-sized or an expansive one. Or is it that you are looking for something extraordinarily cool?! Something spacious, bright, vibrant, or something unique. No, wait! You want to have all of it. A good loft space is the need of today’s world. Especially for the ones seeking an adaptive yet classy housing.

A loft is generally used to describe an upper-story or an attic in building, a space directly under the roof.

Here are some of the coolest loft spaces that will take you away in a matter of seconds: –


  1. Compact yet Elegant



Let us all face a fact that a growing family is most concerned on getting a space which could tend to their ever growing needs and demands. And because you have a little ‘Veronica’ in the family who likes to stroll around like a jumping jack, and a new born baby who doesn’t even have slightest of an idea what a loft-space is, and how wonderfully it can be customized. Behold a design solution by L.McComber Architects. It is a 700-square-foot loft situated in Montreal, Canada having a suspended platform bed which is made of fine-curved Douglas fir plywood, also with a steel tube, giving it a unique flair. It comes with a spacious area just underneath it, giving some privacy to a new-born baby.


  1. Delight stuffed in a small package



Looking for a roof-space that could do more than storing your kid’s broken bicycle? Well then here’s something you should look forward to. This is a roof-space in a 139-square meter tiny apartment located in Wroclaw, Poland. It is designed by Szymon Hanczar, a renowned designer and co-founder of Hanczar Studio. This space has a small kitchen, bedroom, and a bathroom, all on a mezzanine, also having an ample storage to accommodate compact machines, Leather jackets and other essentials, letting aside the hide and seek stuff for the kids.


  1. Vertical Loft without walls



An urban beauty located in Rotterdam, Netherlands is a contemporary loft that is designed and created in a ram shackled residence. This space is a creation of Shift Architecture Urbanism, who intended to completely renovate the space. The loft consist of spaces that are custom-designed in order to meet the needs of the clients. This is a loft without walls with a three-level continuous spacing, having an organized space with an over-sized closet connecting all the floors. The loft features a melange of preserved elements such as original doors and brick wall. It is a perfect example of modular systems that integrate kitchen appliances, wardrobe, bookshelves and a walk-in closet.


  1. A Hilarious Makeover



Have you ever witnessed the transformation of a cocoon into an exotic butterfly? One could not help but wonder how beautiful some makeovers can turned out to be. Now imagine an old and boring laundry room transformed into a completely different, yet an exquisite space meant for the guests that comes in and around. That’s exactly what Christi Azevedo, a San-Francisco based designer has done to a messy laundry room. Utilizing the unused space, it is now a full-service guest apartment decorated with the original walls that allows enough space for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a living room.


  1. A Space that comes in handy



If you are looking for a functional space that is versatile then come and have a look at this wonderful loft space. It is a 500-square-foot loft situated in New York, designed by Jordan Parnass Architecture which comes with dedicated spaces meant for cleaning, cooking and sleeping. You could just sit on the sofa doing nothing or maybe watching your favorite show having a simultaneous check of the door or the naughty kids brawling in the bed located in a wooden carved attic, giving it a classy look. It also comes with a spacious wardrobe having different shelves meant for keeping all your footwear, clothes- clean or not.


  1. Classy Conversions


6    6_1 6_2

It is yet another example of a contemporary model of loft spacing. It is a loft apartment located in Joo Chiat Ln, Singapore. A space that used to be an office unit, has been converted to a beautiful home is but difficult to contemplate in reality. The loft is located on the second floor possessing an elegant industrial look. The most pleasing feature of the space is the spiral staircase ascending to the bed-room. Its exposed brickwork is the panache of this loft apartment, which is most common to the industrial buildings. It is one of the reasons why it was later known as ‘The brick loft house’. A project by FARM¸ an architecture atelier, created the bright ambiance of the loft. It also features some glass sliding doors to let in the sunlight as and when required.


  1. An Awe-inspiring Extravaganza


7             7_17_2

A three bedroom loft located in the West Village, a western region of Greenwich Village in Manhattan, USA, that offers a spectacular industrial interior design is no less than a treat to be accommodated in. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms occupying two floors. The space feature 16-foot ceilings on the upper level spreading across in a total area of 3,608 square feet. It also includes an open 1,395 square foot power level. It has a bright and colourful open space with bold and vibrant interiors to ornament the space. The loft is marketed and offered at 5.195 million dollars which is a lot to pay. So if money is not a problem for you, and you want to have a spacious and colourful ambiance around, then this is it.


  1. Crafted with elan



This is a rooftop located in London, featuring shelves that can potentially hide the stairs from sight. Yes you heard it right!  One would be amazed to witness the crafted design of this rooftop which was once an open-plan office. The design of these shelves complement the stairs. Look closely, observe and still there are chances that you would not be able to catch sight of the stairs. It also has a bed, desk, a bathroom and a storage at the top of Central box.



  1. Attic in disguise



Well, what are the chances of you going to Amsterdam, partying and then looking for home, away from yours? Here’s an attic situated in Amsterdam full of hidden features such as a modular kitchen, exercising ropes coming down the ceilings to ensure your witness. Oh Wait! It’s a hotel. Didn’t expect it right? Nobody would. This remarkable attic is offered by Hotel Brand, Zoku. This loft space having a wooden slat door, also contains a chamber that can be closed to the rest of the room.


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