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Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. And for someone who loves themselves a contemporary piece of jewelry, there is never enough, and still space for more! If you have a loved one in your life who loves their modern jewelry designs and appreciates a good choker necklace or Perspex, or knows the latest jewelry trends like the back of their hand, you would know how tricky it can be to pick a gift for them! While everyone loves presents, be it birthday, Christmas or just a surprise token of love and affection, it can be a real task to pick out a gift for someone. So here’s a little 101 for everyone trying to pick out the perfect gift for that jewelry lover, because we all have one in our lives, don’t we!

  1. Geometrical magic

What: Gold pyramid and amethyst necklace


If you are looking for contemporary and edgy jewelry design, you can never go wrong with geometrical designs, or with amethyst! Nail those two trends perfectly with an amethyst necklace with a prism twist. Rest assured your loved one would adore these, and could wear them around their neck with every outfit possible, and isn’t this beautiful necklace a perfect token of love? Pro tip: When you chose a metal, pick the one with gold finishing because it looks more ethereal and beautiful with the purple stone that will blow them away!

  1. Collar it up!

What: Collar pins and collar chains


The biggest trend these days, one with the ‘hipsters approval’ is of collar chains or collar pins. These pieces of jewelry are basically brooches that can embellish any ordinary collar and give the outfit the extra spunk. These collar pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from cute kitten shaped colorful pins to skulls and bones and chains. So take a pick, according to the personality of the person that you are picking a present for. You can go for edgy styles with chains in it to add a look of fancy necklaces, and trust me, anyone and everyone would love to add one of these to their wardrobes!

  1. Hidden love

What: Hidden message metallic bar necklaces


If you’re the shy kind but still want to express your love, or just want an exciting way to express what you want, to anyone who is important to you, then these bar necklaces with hidden messages would be the perfect way to do so! Get custom made secret messages necklaces to make someone feel special, and also look uber chic while wearing it. These necklaces not only look fantastic and adorable, with the metallic finish and edgy design, but it also expresses your feelings and adds the personal touch of love to make this present a perfect gift.

Pro tip: Personalized messages, embossed and carved names are brilliant gift ideas that depict the thought and effort that you put for the person you are gifting them to. So go ahead, show some customized love!

  1. Small world

What: Handmade miniature world wooden rings


These hand carved fresh wood rings with carry a miniature world inside of them. Handmade with wood, jewelry resin and beeswax, these beautiful rings carry unique designs that will floor anyone you gift it to. Aren’t they just magnificent?

  1. Old School is cool

What: Metallic origami inspired necklaces


If you are the old school classic art loving kind, you will adore these beautiful metallic origami inspired necklaces that will take you back to your youth and the paper crafts. These gorgeous necklaces can make anyone feel special, pick a design that defines their personality or signifies their lives in any way possible. Or you could also pick the paper plane necklace that the music artist Harry Styles wore and has become infamous among many a fans now. Get inspired and get creative! You could also get one made custom for your loved ones, and carve their birthday, anniversary or name on it to add that personal touch. Wrap these up in beautiful paper packaging, add some ribbons and get ready to please them!

  1. Hold my love

What: Gold pyramid jewelry holder


Sometimes we buy way too much jewelry and keep collecting, but hardly have any time or place to store and display it! Such a shame to put all those beautiful earrings and enchanting necklaces in a drawer or keep it boxed up! Well, a perfect gift for people like these, who have never too much of jewelry for themselves is an edgy pyramid jewelry holder, that would jazz up their rooms and organize their collection of jewelry. Keeping it minimal and yet elegant, this jewelry holder is the perfect answer to all those tangled jewelry woes that each of us has faced at least once in our lives. And doesn’t it look just brilliant, displaying all those beautiful pieces of earrings!

  1. (H)ear the world

What: Minimal globe earrings


If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel, a simple globe earring would be the perfectly minimal, yet thoughtful and beautiful gift.

  1. Put a ring on it

What: Statement rings


Statement rings, alternately called cocktail rings have been around for a while now, and they are a huge fashion statement. Anyone who is a little bit of an accessory junkie would know that statement rings have always proven to be a very effective and trendy accompaniment to any outfit, and can spice up anything one wears. Big stones, or multiple finger rings are also brilliant pieces of jewelry that can make one stand apart. When it comes to rings, it’s either go big or go home. Another style that has recently caught up is stack rings, which is basically the stacking up of a number of complimentary rings on the same finger, and they look super cool! So get as quirky as you can, find the perfect statement ring to gift anyone who would love to add that jazz to their wardrobe.

Tip: If you are not sure about ring sizes, make sure you get an adjustable ring which can be adjusted to anyone’s fingers.

  1. Let there be order

What: Gold and glass jewelry organizer


If you want something other than jewelry, get creative and opt for a jewelry organizer that could hold all the prized possessions of the one that you gift it to. Since contemporary art is all about minimal designs, simple glass boxes or plain gold organizers would look very simple yet elegant and sleek, and hold their much loved contemporary jewelry!

Searching for gifts for someone can be a hard task, but when you put your heart into it, it’s sure to get reflected to your loved one. Because in the end, it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts!

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