9 Examples Of Springtime Wreaths To Make For Your Home



For all of our readers in the northern hemisphere, spring is here! And to welcome this beautiful respite from the freezing cold that was the winter, it’s time to let your creative juices flow and bring floral decorations into your life and home. And for those in other parts of the world, its never too late for a little spring in your life! Apart from the beautiful flowers that you can incorporate into your garden and house, now you can also bring your porch to life with beautiful and easy wreaths that you can make yourself and make your house look beautiful and spring ready! Wreaths, originally are made from an assortment of flowers twigs leaves etc. and are usually ring-shaped. They are hung on the front door at the porch, and are a perfect way to welcome your visitors and greet spring. Here are 9 examples to inspire you and give you ideas to make your own spring time wreaths:

9. This beautiful combination of floral and stripes


This easy and gorgeous wreath combines black and white stripes with flowers, bringing out the color in the beautiful peonies and creating a brilliant contrast. You can use multiple color combinations especially complementary colors to contrast with the flowers. A plain ribbon can be used to create the stripes effect.

Peonies come in various sizes and colors, hence you can arrange them according to your liking, but it does not mean you need to restrict yourself in terms of flowers, add as many flowers and leaves as you want and celebrate spring a your doorstep!

8. This adorable alphabet and lilies wreath


This sweet wreath can be recreated for your porch easily, and can make it look beautiful and smell amazing too. Pick lily buds and pretty flowers from around the house and arrange them according to your preference. You can pick fresh garden flowers or create similar flowers for your wreath using paper, felt or fabric. The added burlap bow brings cuteness and makes it more adorable. A cardboard alphabet can be added to the wreath to add the personal touch. The wreath is hanged using a gorgeous piece of lace that adds to the wreath’s exquisiteness and makes perfect contrast against a dark door.

7. This different and easy fabric wreath


Who says spring can only be celebrated using flowers?! Get creative and include fabrics into your wreath, like this no-sew colorful wreath that is just a delight to look at, and represents spring so well through its colors. Just get some loose fabric pieces and tie them around your wreath and voila! Your beautiful and different wreath is ready to jazz up your spring.

You can customize this design as you like by using complementary colors, prints, fabrics or even by adding accents into it, like a cardboard alphabet or pine cones in the middle. Just go with the flow and create your own beautiful spring wreath.

6. This garden love springtime wreath


Play around with textures, materials and colors with this sweet garden love wreath that would melt your spring-loving hearts. Get a garden hose and use it instead of an ordinary wreath. decorate it using flowers and ribbons, bringing your doorstep to life and confessing your spring love to the world!

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate nature, and to fall in love with your garden again. Once the chilled winter winds have cleared, connect to nature again using gardening as a hobby. And incorporate this hobby into your wreath, for the whole world to see! You could additionally add butterflies and birds created out of felt, paper or cardboard to give a fantasy like finish to your doorstep.

5.  This charming flowers-and-bunny wreath


Express your springtime holiday spirit using cute bunnies, reminding everyone of Easter and the beauty of nature. Create bunnies using white cardboard or wool, or even pompoms! Decorate the wreath with flowers, which here have been created out of fabric pieces, and make your wreath look ethereal and spring ready. Play around with colors however you want. This subtle yet pretty design shows us that spring doesn’t necessarily have to be bright, it can also be elegant and pretty using pastel shades and summer hues.

4. This magical butterfly wreath


Transform your doorstep into a beautiful spring fairyland with this beautiful butterfly wreath. You can use pre-made butterflies to decorate your wreath or you could make them yourself using beautiful colored paper and some creativity. This kind of wreath would be especially popular with little girls who would love making this as well.

You can tweak around the design and recreate this look for various ideas, for examples adding ladybugs or dragonflies etc.

3. This lovely paper dahlia wreath


Recreate this lovely paper dahlia and make your porch bright and floral. Fold pieces of colored paper in the shape of narrow cones, and arrange them like a pretty dahlia or in fact any of your favorite springtime flowers. This wreathe can be easily created at home and can also be created by children, making them a part of the springtime home decorations and making this spring special for them. Stack up the paper cones and create a spring perfect wreathe for your porch!

2. This awesome sport pride wreath


With the winter receding, express your everlasting love for your favorite sport at your front door with this awesome sport love wreath. Use burlap cloth to cover the wreath and give it an earthy look, while colorful ribbons can be used to represent the colors of your favorite team. use small baseball or any other sport balls to finish the wreath and give your house a sporty makeover.

Whether you have children in your house that love baseball or you yourself are an avid follower or a particular team, there can be no better way of bearing your colors with pride and expressing your love for the sport. The added text box could be tweaked to carry your name or the name of your favorite team or even a message for them!



Do not restrict your creativity by shapes or sizes or colors. Get experimental and create a masterpiece for your doorstep, for our neighbors and visitors to admire. Get inspired by these beautiful flower holding gumboots, or this flowers-in-umbrella setting that transforms the way your front porch looks, and makes your house look gorgeous as ever! Engage the whole family and make this experience a fun family time, while you revamp the way your home looks for this spring.


So, you see, you do not need to buy expensive wreaths for your front door to look spring ready and beautiful! Instead, you can create these wreaths yourself and make your spring time special and gorgeous.




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