The 9 Best Bike Trails in America



Bike riding can be an enjoyable activity, but if there aren’t any good bike trails in your neighborhood, it’s hard to want to keep it up. Luckily, taking a big trip around the country can reveal quite a few tucked away areas which feature amazing bike trails. These bike trails are long, secluded and in nice peaceful areas.┬áIt may be approaching winter, but there’s still some time to catch a ride on these nine amazing trails.

Number Nine: Katy Trail, Missouri. Katy Trail State Park is where you’ll find the Katy Trail, a 237 mile-long trail that runs through most of the state of Missouri. This is the perfect kind of trail for anyone riding a bike, though it works for runners and hikers as well. You’ll run into some long stretches of the trail where there is no water to be found, so make sure to pack your own if you’re planning a trip.

Number Eight: Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C. Rock Creek Park is one of America’s oldest parks and one of the most well-known bike trails, resting in the northwest area of Washington, D.C. Running about 12 miles long, the park is a nice safe haven away from the busy, noisy city life. For that reason, among many others, going on a bike ride through Rock Creek Park is a smart idea.

Number Seven: Highbridge Park Trail, New York. Washington Heights’ Highbridge Park isn’t just a bike trail for casual riders; it also appeals to more extreme bike riders. Pictured above is NYC’s historic High Bridge, which just reopened to pedestrians and bikers this year. This location also has a free-ride trail and a dirt jump park, designed with the help of professional bike riders. So if you happen to love all of the technical log rides and natural obstacles, this would be a bike trail to mark on your list.

Number Six: George S. Mickelson Trail, South Dakota. If the strong smell of pine or mile-high thin air doesn’t get to you, this 109 mile-long path certainly will on its own. While enjoying your bike ride, you can take a gander at all of the jagged mountains and high plains grasslands, as well as the beautiful wildlife both in the sky and on the ground. This can paint the picture for an exciting, unforgettable bike ride.

Number Five: Shining Sea Bikeway, Massachusetts. Catch a flight over to the northeastern part of the U.S. in Massachusetts to experience the Shining Sea Bikeway. Of course, this should be one to remember since its name comes from the lyrics of our country’s very patriotic song “America the Beautiful.” It extends over 17 miles and is a perfect choice for casual cyclists as well as beginners.

Number Four: Midmountain Trail, Utah. Utah is home to the 20 mile-long Midmountain Trail, stretching from Silver Lake Lodge all the way to Pinecrest. One cool feature of this bike trail are the multiple trails that lead up to Midmountain, which provide you with a series of loops in the trail. Along the way, you can view Park City or The Canyons.

Number Three: Glacier National Park, Montana. It’s unfortunate that bikes have to be kept out of any of the hiking trails located in Glacier National Park. However, bikes are allowed on all roads as well as the McDonald Creek Bike Path. The great thing about this park is that there are multiple trails and roads for cyclists, just in case the one you’re riding on becomes overcrowded. A trail that you should definitely try is one of the most talked about routes for bike riders, the Going-to-the-Sun Road Trail.

Number Two: Discovery Trail, Washington. This wide, luxurious trail is perfectly designed to uphold the most basic standards required by cyclists and even hikers. Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) runs nearly 130 miles long and is surrounded by the beautiful Olympic Mountain Range. Once you get to the end of the trail, you will be able to enjoy your thorough exercise with a view of the Pacific Ocean right in front of you.

Number One: Paseo del Bosque Trail, New Mexico. The best and most beautiful bike trail is the Paseo del Bosque Trail in New Mexico. If you’re a fan of wildlife, you’ll be able to spot geese and ducks within the Alameda Wetland. For 16 miles, riding your bike on this constructed wetland will provide the greatest solitary experience you can hope for.

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