8 Secrets the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know




It’s no secret that the government is hiding things from us. These eight government secrets might be a little more than you bargained for, though. Sure, we as citizens like to know what’s going on, but do you really want to know everything? Keep reading to find out.

Number Eight: You’re Being Spied On. Though most people are aware that the government spies on its citizens, do you know how many of its citizens are being watched? Not only is the government probably listening in on your phone calls, but it’s also surveilling your internet activity and even your texts. There really is no such thing as privacy.

Number Seven: Other Countries Are Being Spied on, Too. Thanks to people like Edward Snowden and sites like WikiLeaks, citizens have become aware of just how much spying the government does. This includes spying on other countries.

Number Six: Drones Might Not Be the Answer. Drones have exploded in popularity as a way for the military to check out unknown territory without risking the deaths of any U.S. soldiers. However, the sad fact escaping most people is that drones are not always precise in their attacks. In addition to killing the enemy, many drones also kill innocent people in the process.

Number Five: You’re Not in Charge of a Whole Lot. You may think your vote counts, but in reality it means very little. Only one percent of U.S. citizens control what happens in our government – primarily, the one percent who have a lot of money. It is these people who control which policies are passed, who achieves presidential candidacy, and essentially the course of the nation.

Number Four: Obamacare Has Some Loopholes. Obamacare is billed as a way to help low-income citizens gain access to affordable healthcare. However, as a result of this affordable healthcare, some companies will be forced to fire many of their employees, as penalties for citizens who don’t pay for healthcare are too large for some companies to pay.

Number Three: Chemical Warfare Is Being Used on Citizens. Yes, it’s true. The government used to test the utility of radioactive particles on its own citizens in St. Louis, MO. Though tests like this may not be going on today, if they are, the government would surely make them appear less obvious.

Number Two: The Real Reason We Invaded Iraq. Though the official reason we invaded Iraq was to see if there were Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMDs, the real reason is much more nuanced. Some people speculate that the true reason has to do with Bush’s relationship with Saddam at the time or the government’s desire to control oil supplies.

Number One: Your Money Is Being Wasted. You are paying taxes every year, but at what price? Considering you don’t have a say in how the government spends its money, this seems a little unfair. Especially when you take into account that the government spends it on ridiculous things; the government wasted $1 billion just to get rid of $16 billion worth of extra ammunition for the military.

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