8 Modern Dollhouses that are a Bit of Cute Fun



Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Phoebe and Monica get a dollhouse each for themselves and they both seemed so excited about it? Didn’t that make you feel like getting one for yourself? Well, we know a lot of people must have developed a liking towards dollhouses through that episode and maybe even got themselves one. Dollhouses have proven to be really good and caring gifts. They provide their owners with joys, merriment and fair to say, after you get a dollhouse, happiness shall galore! So given below is a list of eight artistic and cute (operative word being cute) that should be an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to buy a dollhouse from themselves or for someone else. Dollhouses have never been so fun.


But before we begin the list, let’s just address the simple issue that is there in many people’s mind: aren’t dollhouses for kids? Well, we are here to resolve that doubt for you. No, dollhouses are not just for kids anymore. Sure, they make amazing toys for them, and over the course of time, that feature of theirs has only enhanced a lot, but dollhouses are not just for playing anymore; they can also be used for decoration purposes. So, we suggest you take a look at the list given below and realise how dollhouses can be much more efficient than what they used to be.

8. Contemporary


Well, let’s just begin this list with one of the most contemporary dollhouses we have ever seen. The wooden dollhouse has an entirely different outlook from the ones before it, and is structured according to the latest designs for houses. The pool beside the house and the open verandah-like, along with the chairs beside the pool for resting purposes signify its inspiration from the contemporary houses, and let’s just admit, it doesn’t look like a dollhouse for just kids now, does it?


7. Go Chic


This dollhouse is bound to appeal to anyone who has a penchant for dollhouses or architecture. The dollhouse in the photograph is a classic example of the kind of thought that goes into the crafting of modern dollhouses. Not only will it be fun to play with, such a kind of dollhouse is bound to look elegant and chic on display at your house.


6. Fun with the Colour Black


The colour black has a plethora of utilities to its name, and accentuating a dollhouse’s look is one of them. The black hue provides a dark shade to the entire display of the dollhouse and the contrast of this shade with the mirrored finish at the base  and the softer interiors of the shade white and grey, add to the whole elegance of the dollhouse. The design is perfect for the people who want a dollhouse for themselves (or feel like gifting one to someone else), and want to present a dollhouse that is not only modernised, but also, elegant to its very core.


5. Original with a Twist


We love those beautiful, classic dollhouses, with their architecture inspired from the mid-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but in today’s world, the dollhouses, too, have to catch up, and the above design does just that. As is evident from the photograph, the dollhouse provide a modern twist to the classically themed dollhouse and adds to it, the modern features of decor and interior. The dollhouse is a perfect blend of the complexly creative ideas that exist in today’s world and they do not disappoint us either.


4. Hang It Up!


Let’s just ask ourselves the question, that what shall we do if we do not have enough space at our home to keep a huge dollhouse? What are we to do then? Well, the answer, surprisingly, is quite simple. You go for a hanging dollhouse, which are not only of maximum utility but also add to the cuteness of the entire household. The hanging dollhouse is a viable option for those who do not have much space at their house. The dollhouse will add to the final beauty of the house, and the mise en scene will be of a much better place than it was before. We say, hang’em up!


3. Pretty With the Touch of Modernity


Remember the good ol’ times when the society was filled with aesthetic elegance, sophistication and Lewis Carroll’s Alice was at her zenith (though we believe the series are a classic)? The dollhouse in the photograph is a modernised version of those classics that we loved to read about and watch on television programs. The dollhouse perfectly juxtaposes the cuteness of the traditional dollhouses with the chicness of the modern dollhouses. Although the prima facie is of a traditional dollhouse, when looked at again, the dollhouse is sure to present its case of modernisation, and we think it is fair to say here, that the house is undeniably cute.


2. Wooden


Wooden houses present a unique finesse to the display of the modern houses and dollhouses are no different in this respect. The wooden features intensify the overall experience of the dollhouse as they not only make the house even better than before, but the elegance, the suave nature and the pleasant outlook, enhance the dollhouse’s characteristics. The choice is perfect for those who wish to keep a dollhouse at their house but present it in a basic yet stylised fashion. Quite voguish, wouldn’t you agree?


1. Going Urban


Urbanisation is the right-hand to modernisation, and when you are looking modern dollhouses, going urban is ensuring you are going all-out. The urban designs employ the iconic abstract characteristics, along with its penchant for varied colours. The colours complement each other and the structure blends in perfectly with the shapes and sizes that have been employed (abstract alert!). Further, your dollhouse experience is accentuated with the beautiful and vibrant interior (and even exterior, wouldn’t you say?), and the final result is one in which the employment of such a dollhouse is pleasant work with and elegant to be kept at the house. We say make a go for this picturesque and smart dollhouse, without making the house’s interiors gaudy.


So there you are, people. Eight different, elegant, cute and modern ideas for dollhouses, the thing that many believed to be for stereotypes but actually proved to be quite versatile. The former days when dollhouses were associated with stereotypes and gender-relations are gone, the world is advancing and so, dollhouses should be given another chance through these innovative designs. They are perfect for decorating your house, for being used as handy and delightful artefacts and are obviously, great play mates for the children of the house. Dollhouses have changed and we say, give them a chance with these cute, modern designs. There are many more to look for!

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