It is very important to have a good relationship with your partner so you know you always have someone to support you in case of anything bad happens. When both partners are devoted, the relationship between them strengthens and so does the confidence.

20. A couple’s story

Now it is time to tell you about such a story that will keep you wondering if your boyfriend or girlfriend would do the same for you. Go till the end to hear the story!

19. She was the victim

Cindy, a female netizen from Taiwan, shared a story between her boyfriend David and her. The couple was the definition of opposite attract. How was their relationship like?

18. The cat and the mouse

The couple was afraid that their often arguments as they could never agree on something would bring them the end. However, they were still acting like best friends commenting on each other’s behavior and appearance. Suddenly, something happened.

17. What happened?

Unfortunately, Cindy became the victim of a road accident. What David did when he saw her left her shocked.

16. The boyfriend’s comments

David used to abuse Cindy with words everytime he had the chance, but it was happening as a joke. He would always mention to her that she is lucky to have him because she is unattractive, but he is still willing to stay in a relationship with her. What result had this on Cindy?

15. She suffers

Cindy’s self-esteem dropped dramatically even though it was just a joke. Sometimes she would even believe he is right. The lack of confidence in herself made her think what she should not…

14. What was she thinking?

Cindy thought that David could leave her anytime for someone more beautiful than her. However, a bad event in her life made her feel otherwise.

13. What was the event?

Cindy got involved in a road accident which left her with dramatic face injuries. How could that happen?

12. The accident

A car driver ran a red light and rammed directly into Cindy while she was riding her motorcycle around as usual on the busy streets of Taiwan. The careless driver did not take the red light into consideration, and he crashed into the girl’s motorcycle. You would not believe what happened to her…

11. The injuries

Cindy was thrown off of the motorcycle ono the asphalt road during the impact. At first, it did not look like she was having any serious injuries because she was wearing both a helmet and a jacket. The surprise came after…

10. Behind the helmet

After Cindy took off her helmet, lots of blood started running down her face as she suffered serious damage to her face. What happened to her?

9. She passed out

After losing a big amount of blood, she passed out, so she was rushed to the emergency room. The doctors were able to stop the bleeding and stitch the wounds on her neck and face. Because the injuries Cindy suffered provoked deep wounds, the doctors said that she would be left with a permanent souvenir on her face, the scars. You would not believe the girl’s reaction…

8. She freaked out

Cindy suffered multiple injuries exactly on her face, the part of her body of which she was the most insecure. She was so confused she did not know how she could continue on with her life. That was when David came into the scenario.

7. The boyfriend knew what to do

Before losing consciousness, Cindy made sure that David will be contacted by the medical staff to let him know that she was not okay. How did he react?

6. David’s reaction

While Cindy was being worked on to be saved, David received the call that shocked him. After finding out what happened to his beloved girlfriend, he rushed to the hospital. Arrived there…

5. At the hospital

Arrived at the hospital, David needed to wait for a while until he could see Cindy. A few time passed by and he was let in…

4. Seeing Cindy

After Cindy regained consciousness, she woke up, but she was still drowsy from the medication. However, it did not stop her from recognizing her boyfriend, David. What was he doing?

3. Waiting

David was waiting by her bedside when Cindy woke up. She was happy to see him. She would have never thought that David was the type of boy who would rush to the hospital to check on her. Apparently, she was wrong about this, and one more thing…

2. The unkind joke

Cindy’s face had to be sewn with a dozen stitches. After a few moments of silence, David said jokingly, “You’re even uglier now.”

As Cindy’s face was not really attractive with the dozen stitches on it, David jokingly said that she is even uglier now. Cindy was so sad to hear that and started sobbing. However, she was able to ask him if that meant that he is leaving her now. Guess what he answered…

1. David’s answer

He said that no matter how ugly she looked, he would still love her. David made sure that his girlfriend’s family members knew where she was and that she was fine. He waited until Cindy recovered and they left the hospital. Cindy was happy to realize that no matter how cruel her boyfriends’ jokes might be, inside his soul he cares for her and he even loves her. He proved his intentions by caring for her while she was in the most vulnerable state, the victim of an accident. Cindy finally knows what kind of person holds her hand in the street and she would not give his joke up for anything. This truly is a couple goals story. Many relationships end up broken after one of the partners becomes the victim of an accident, and their looks change. Fortunately, this was not the case and will not be.

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