7 Ways To Soften Your Interior



The era of loud interiors is long gone, paving way for soft and subtle designs that soothe the eye and look classy as well. Think Audrey Hepburn meets Chanel. Think soft pastel shades and smooth finish. The trick is to aim for a minimal, smooth look that warms up your space and makes it classy and stylish. Whether you are redoing your interiors or just want to bring up some changes in the way your room looks and feels, adding softness and making it cozier will transform the energy of your place. Here are some ways you can soften your interiors and give them a chic new avatar:

7. Colors: Picking the right colors for you interiors can transform the look and feel of the whole room, and create a soft ambience. Pantone, the Global color authority, announced Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors for this year, inspiring a lot of ombres and pastel combinations.


Bringing in a pastel color to you room or creating a soft contrast with white or beige can liven up your room, and make it soft and subtle. The lighter shade would cut the harshness of your darker shade and bring out the best in your room.


You can also play with different shades of beige and white to create an ethereal look, and look classy along with your wooden or metallic furniture alike. You can also use different tones of a single color to create an ombre and bring depth to your inner walls, keeping the overall look soft and subtle.

Vintage prints in pastel colors and worn out shades can bring out personality in your room and add a pep to the room without looking harsh or loud.

6. Fabrics: Adding soft fabric in the form of throws and rugs can bring a lot of softness to your interior, and create a perception of warmth and comfort. Layering of different fabrics can also bring subtlety and chic to your room. Faux fur or sheepskin are rugs look great, and also create an illusion of a bigger room. Prefer colours like white cream or beige. You can also use throws for your furniture and suede sofas and cushions etc to make your room feel softer as well.


Keeping it minimal helps, just a rug or a fur throw in this case, would make your living room feel luxurious and swanky.

Lace can also bring some vintage class and beauty, while keeping the room still soft. Just add a white ace doily or accessory, and witness your coffee table come to life.

5. Lighting: Lighting plays a major role in accentuating your interiors. Lighting can totally change the way a room looks and can make it look really stylish and soft, and bring focus to the nice parts of the room. Whether it is a living room or bedroom or even the kitchen, lighting can define the look, mood and energy of the whole room. Hence altering your lighting to utilize it and make your room look softer and swankier is a smart move if you want changes in your interior design.

Soft warm lights, keeping in mind the angle, height and placement can transform your room and make it look softer. Natural light is a pig plus when it comes to looking warm and soft. Huge windows, tinted glass doors or windows can add to the appearance and also bring in natural light into the room making it look gorgeous and bringing out the colors.


Warm lamps and lights, placed in corners and near the beds can provide light and look great too. Avoid overhead lighting because it can cast shadows on faces and make the room dull. Instead, invest in multiple lamps or a false ceiling that is lighted from within. Designers usually suggest lighting three out of four corners of a living room, to create the illusion of space. Cozy lamps and lighting, not directed directly at the bed or chair can make for soft lights. Use warm bulbs or lights instead of white light as white lights tend to be harsh on your interiors. Chandeliers and fancy lamps can also be used to accentuate your living room.

4. Metal and Wood: The latest trend for designing this year suggests that metal and wood can be combined together in multiple ways, to create a retro look that is both soft as well as simple and subtle. Center tables that combine black metal and wood, or maybe separate pieces of furniture that complement each other would look great along with the added fabric that we already discussed.


For an even softer look, place wooden objects in natural light to create an ethereal sight. A coffee table incorporating wood and metal would look very luxurious and soft, and can be accentuated using a simple yet beautiful vase of flowers complementing the colors of the room.

3. Accents: If your room looks plain and boring, yet you shy away from loud objects and accessories for your room, what you can do is to add simple color accents or complementary accessories that are minimal yet beautiful. For example, a marble statue or clock would complement your wooden flooring without being too loud or tacky.


If your room is simple in terms of colors, you can add some color accents to bring out personality and to brighten up the room, keeping it subtle and subdued by controlling the amount and kind of colors as well. This is a very good tip for people who do not want to use bright colors on their walls yet want to add some punk in your room. In this way your room can be simple and soft, without being boring.

2. Invisible Tech: Technology can make your room look crammed and tacky, taking away its softness and subtlety. Masking tech and incorporating it into the room’s energy and softness will make your décor look better and less like a Sci-fi fiction movie. Plain and subtle designs, with matte black or dark finishes can underplay the technology and make it more suited for your room. Getting wireless electronics, or else masking the wires using a cover up or getting them walled can also help.

  1. Finish: Using curved furniture, soft edges and cuts can help soften your interior design and make it look beautiful and stylish. Matte finish and polished wood can also augment the softness in your room. Clean and polished surfaces complement flowy and fury fabrics to make your place look brilliant.

Hence we see that these small changes can up your interior game by at least a few notches. Remember to keep it subtle and classy, Happy designing!

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