7 Reasons Why This Kitchen Was Named Best In The World




7 Reasons Why This Kitchen Was Named Best in the World
A kitchen that went all out!

The Canadian designer Dov Secter of Secter Design designed his own kitchen with all the best amenities and creative ideas. He has won the top prize in an international design contest. The top prize went to his superbly custom-designed kitchen and for the state-of-art appliances by the appliance makers Sub-Zero and Wolf.

What makes this Canadian kitchen unique is that it has all the surprise elements that are well-designed and well-hidden using the modern and inventive technology. These elements make this kitchen the world’s best contemporary kitchen. CBC News had checked out the kitchen and had covered up quite a few extensive pieces of information about the same.

The first impressive thing that comes to notice is that the cabinetry can all be opened with a light application of pressure. No more need of pulling and pushing! All one has to do is just touch and voila! You will have the cabinets opening up for you displaying all your necessary items. All the appliances are perfectly camouflaged to resemble the other cabinetry. This gives the kitchen a smooth finish. The kitchen boasts of a dishwasher that is well hidden from plain sight, as well as the freezer, which is in the form of two stacked drawers. The pantry is built to look like an in-line cabinet door and houses the microwave and other counter-top appliances so that they’re out of sight. The island in the kitchen has a hidden panel that rises from the center of the counter to reveal the blender and other appliances. All these ideas have benefitted this kitchen with a well-deserving award!

This chic kitchen in the world is located in Winnipeg’s River Heights.

Secter’s kitchen has a minimalist design theme and features white, grey and marble. The design enhances the minimalist yet elegant look and also does not decrease the kitchen’s practicality.

The idea behind the designer’s brain work is that the kitchen should be an area which has all its functionality and yet maintain the sober clean look. He wanted it to be a kitchen where all the necessary items are available at the touch of a hand and also were ‘invisible’ when not required.

Secter puts his vision in this way, “My wife is a great cook, and it’s really a functional kitchen where the family all works together so we want to be able to hide things away quickly, have things quickly accessible and if a client comes through, have places where everything can kind of disappear,” he said.

Secter’s kitchen has won one of the eight awards for the best contemporary kitchen.

The architect Dov Secter puts the needs of the modern household in the following words: “The kitchen used to be utilitarian, where it was a room you could close it off and not even go in there,” the architect said. “Now with everyone wanting  the  open concept, knocking down walls, expansion of the family unit and entertainment into the kitchen, it’s got to look good all the time.” (David Lipnowski/subzero-wolf.com)

Let us look at some of the awesome features that have made this kitchen class apart.

  1. The upper cabinets open automatically by just touching them.

kitchen-design_011215_02 (2)

The lower cabinets also open automatically, if you touch (or kick) them.

kitchen-design_011215_03 (1)

So there is no need to the strenuous pulling or pushing or shoving. A gentle touch and you have all your necessities right at your disposal. This design adds a natural charm to the uniqueness of this kitchen. It feels like the kitchen speaks the mind of the user by just opening up with a single touch of his / her hand / leg.

The cabinets can be closed in a simple touch or manually.

The architect has also thought of power failures and in the case of one, the cabinets can function manually as well.

  1. There’s a hidden dishwasher.

kitchen-design_011215_04 (1)

The dishwasher is well-hidden under the sink right beside the other cabinets. This gives the kitchen a sleek look as every element and item merges with one another and there is no need to keep them in separate positions.

  1. Freezer drawers that look like normal drawers.

kitchen-design_011215_05 (1)

No one could guess where your freezer is! Instead of the freezer consuming yet another corner of the kitchen, Secter has planned it in an innovative manner. The freezer looks like a drawer and is designed right next to the lower cabinets.

  1. The pantry is hidden behind black-panelled doors which look more like a well-designed wall rather than doors. All the clutter that you see normally in most kitchens can now be just arranged inside the pantry.

kitchen-design_011215_06 (1)

The pantry in this kitchen contains all on the counter items like the microwave, toaster and coffee maker etc. along with all the groceries, allowing them to be out of sight when not needed.

5. Next to the pantry is the refrigerator which is again made to look the same as the rest of the cabinets. It sits right next to the pantry behind the same black panelled walls. Right next to the fridge, along the same black panelling is a large oven.

kitchen-design_011215_07 (1)

6. In the island, there’s an “appliance garage” that rises up from the surface, which is perfect for hiding away the blender, mixer, etc. it is easy to use and rises up with the click of a button. Every necessary kitchen item is easily accessible and slides in and out comfortably.

kitchen-design_011215_08 (1)

7. Finally, the main countertop features an induction cooktop that is flush-mounted to the counter, allowing it to be easily cleaned. This allows the countertop to be easy to maintain and use. The water-jets fitted right inside the counter enable an all easy access to cleaning the top. The induction cooktop is human-friendly and does not burn your hands. It only heats the pot or the utensil which is kept on top of it. Whenever the induction is not being used, one can use the entire area as a countertop and work on it.

kitchen-design_011215_09 (1)

Apart from these seven wonders, the kitchen also holds a dining table which the family uses to have their meals on. It is aligned with a heating line which makes meal time a comforting experience.


Truly, this is one of the most unusual kitchens. It is ingenious and visionary. This kitchen is the centrepiece of the architect’s residence that functions not only as a living space for architect Dov Secter and his family but also as his show home and office, in the River Heights Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This masterpiece serves many needs. It has a modern and minimalistic aesthetic, providing a perfect cooking space as well as an entertaining space for a large extended family.


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