7 Ideas for Backsplash Materials You Can Install in Your Kitchen



The spills and splatters on the walls of kitchen have become topics of much concern over a course of just a few years. Fair to say, nobody would like to be in their kitchen (or even pass by or through it) and notice those eminent drops on the wall, undercutting the very elegance of your kitchen and understating its beauty. Kitchen Backsplash materials help to prevent just this very phenomenon. Modern kitchen backsplash materials prevent the stains of spills and splatters from settling over the kitchen wall/tile and further, add a certain halo of magnificence to the entire kitchen because of the wide variety in which these materials come.

In this article, we are going to list seven different forms of backsplash materials that you could install in your kitchen to not only protect your walls but also to further beautify your home decor.

This photograph pretty much gives the basic understanding of the modern kitchen backsplash material. As you can notice, the glass backsplash material will not only prevent the staining of the wall but it is also contributing in the overall elegance of the kitchen.

7. Wallpaper


Gone are the days when styling your kitchen relied upon mundane designs and banal materials. Now you can mix it up and go creative, and one of the most basic ways to do this is by putting up wallpaper in your kitchen. The wallpaper will give the room a vibrant touch and its design will let it shine in its own glory. Not only will the wallpaper help protect your kitchen’s walls but as you can see from the photograph, it will certainly add a sense of unavoidable illumination to it. But, if you are afraid of taking this bold move, it is always advisable to put the wallpaper for the backsplash and then accordingly plan the design and shade of your cabinets. A white or steel colour (rathe, all such soft colours) will help reduce the overwhelming effect of the wallpaper and ease a person in orienting himself/herself to the ambience. A wallpaper will make your kitchen look trendy and also protect it. Further, if you feel like giving protection to your wallpaper, you can always apply tempered glass to it.

6. Stainless Steel


Stainless steel tiles have taken on the minds of a majority of people in the contemporary society and have slowly gained a reputation amongst the home decorators. The stainless steel design will give your kitchen an upbeat look and also add a certain vestige of science-fiction. Remember the Star Wars’ movies, Foundation series and the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? A lot of futuristic texts/movies employ steel as a cardinal material, and your kitchen could not showcase your love for them. A stainless steel backsplash material might not seem like an appealing choice at the first go but if you imagine it in your kitchen, then you will understand that it even complements the gamut of steel appliances that you have. It is not as risky as you might think, folks.

5. Wood


The wooden backsplash material is an ideal choice for those who want to give their kitchen a more rustic and antique vibrancy. The wood will not only give your kitchen a rustic feel but a lighter shade of it will also make it appear as a softer interior (in fact, it is advisable that you install wood to make your interior softer). You can pair the wooden backsplash material with wooden cabinets and drawers to underscore the entire wooden look of the room, and accentuate its appeal. Consider the following photograph and you will see what we mean by the softer interior and the magnified overall appeal of it.

Feels softer, doesn’t it?

4. Mirror


Mirrored tiles have a lot of utilities, scilicet, they add to the light in the kitchen (because of their reflective tendencies, of course), add a certain pattern to the room, provide an antiquated look (if the mirror’s of an antique finish) and finally, protect the walls from the backsplash. The mirrored tiles can give your modern kitchen a traditional look and even give your traditional kitchen a modern look. Further, a mirrored backsplash tile is not too distracting so it will not look gaudy, neither will it add any sort of embellishment to it. It is an ideal choice for those who do not want to take a risky step and concurrently wish to protect their walls.


3. Coffee Beans



Coffee and tea designs have gained a lot of recognition in the last few years. Not only do they express your love for caffeine and safeguard your walls, but they also add a sense of trendiness to your decor. The design will definitely shine the most out of any other design in your kitchen, ergo making it an eye-catching design. The design will further add to the texture of the kitchen decor and accentuate its quality. This material is sure to get you some attention and modernise your kitchen. And aren’t we all caffeine lovers? (give or take a few)

2. Marble



Marbles are highly versatile in terms of furnishing, they can be used for flooring purposes, dining table, centre table, sofa sets and backsplash material. You can make your pick of the type of marble you want to install, it could be a dark marble (as is there in the photograph) or go for a softer shade to soften your interior. Neither will the splatter affect your walls nor will it look gaudy. The marble contributes to the beauty of the kitchen through its epicurean, classic features and make your kitchen one of a kitchen.

1. Bricks


The brick backsplash is perfect for giving your kitchen a rustic and an old world feel. If you love the movies wherein the kitchens (and even the houses) have a certain country-side feel, with chimneys and brick-like texture, then this design is the ideal choice for you. The brick backsplash gives your kitchen an antiquated feel, but furthers it up a notch by adding to it the charms and the idiosyncrasies of the gone world, giving it at times a country look and at times the grandeur of the lost Southern world of America (Gone With the Wind, anyone?). Further, the bricks design will accentuate your kitchen’s interior and make it the focal point of the room, thereby attracting attention but not going over-the-top. It will be perfect for anyone who is bewitched by the old world and this design is an easy way to get that look for your house. Also, not to forget, your walls, too, are being protected.

So here you go, seven artistic ways for you to make your kitchen bereft of backsplash stains and add to its elegance. Kitchen is often one of the most favoured rooms of a house and it does not harm to go one step forward to make it even better. These ideas will help make your kitchen look better than before and even protect it from stains, so as to give it a longer life.

Make use of these ideas then, folks and showcase your creative, and innovative, side.

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