7 Design Lessons to Learn From This Awesome Roof Deck In Chicago A Rooftop with a Difference!



72ef532ff93d0decd70e73178e145d36 9420192094cc39c7d4d0d0ff8697588f a505d21d63dd34468e305fc380cafd78 b01339eafa8c26fef86295d7efcea065c2ed46afd73b144beebca853a3e03a3bThe well-designed rooftop in Chicago is the talk of the town mainly because of its unique design and sophisticated maintenance. The roof deck designed by dSpace studio in Lincoln Park, Chicago is a beautiful example of elegance and yet a dramatic look. One can rewind time and relax in this roof deck with a wonderful view and the tranquility that it offers.

One essential quality of this place is the balance that it has maintained between the surfaces, the compartments, the textures, the lights, the colours and the perfect blending of all modern amenities with the traditional and also with the natural beauty.

It has been created with a right balance between aesthetics and functionality. The best use of this deck is credited to use of natural light, smart materials and décor, furniture and a beautiful landscape.

There are seven reasons to learn from this awesome roof deck:

  1. Maximise the use of your deck.

This deck is well-designed and split into different areas like food and dining, a seating area for gatherings, and a sun deck for lounging. This provides maximum usage of the deck and also gives the users a well defined and meaningful outlook toward using the deck for specific purposes. The compartmentalisation gives a unique feeling to the users who can prepare themselves appropriately as per the divided spaces for different occasions.

To attain this, one needs to be clear about what areas one would like to keep on the deck. Some ideas could be landscaping, lounging, get together areas, terrace, etc. one could also opt for minimalistic sitting arrangement and accessories or go for a more modern dining nook filled with all sorts of amenities. If one is opting for landscaping then one could go for a blend of different plants and flowers creating a burst of colours or keep it simplistic with a simple lush lawn.

As per the compartmentalisation, one could add décor to the entire setting making it look welcoming and aesthetic. Also, one could decide the flooring of the deck in accordance with the themes of the compartments. A good flooring creates a magical transition of the place giving it an austere background.

2.      Add shade and harmonise your deck.

The pergola above the kitchen area provides a shady resting place for the people. Colour oriented umbrellas have been used throughout the rest of the deck for additional shade protection. This gives not only shade and comfort but also a beautiful look to the roof deck. It provides a well harmonised and balanced look to the roof deck. Besides that, the shade will help to enjoy the view without being over-exposed to the sun or rain.

Also, since the roof deck is likely to be exposed to the wind, one could use wind break screens to minimise the impact of the wind thus allowing only the cool breeze to filter in. one could opt for trellises or latticed windbreaks to add to the elegance.

3.      Make it a cool rooftop garden.

In a city filled with concrete and steel, it is indeed refreshing to have space full of greenery and bloom. Plant a garden bed or simply add pots filled with plants and flowers. It will add to the elegance of the deck and also it will provide a pleasing sight to the eyes. It will make the deck umbrageous and shaded.

One could add fragrance to space by adding fragrant flowers. This idea can also be used as an aromatherapy garden. If one wants to give it an organic look, one could use bamboo walls, wooden chairs, and potted plants. If one has a big space, then one could go for landscaping and then add pebbles and other natural stones or boulders to give it a naturalistic look. Make sure to add a water fountain or some water element to complement the look. A wall lamp or some random statues can complete the look.

4.      Sensation with heights.

One could design the space with different levels and heights to give it a visualisation effect. A few shelves on a height or a couple of low bean bags coupled with couches, tables of contrasting heights and sizes, patios and lounging seats etc will add a touch of subtle décor to the area. One can also play with the lighting system to provide a dramatic look to the furniture and open spaces on the deck.

5.      Create intimate settings using well-adapted furniture.

Create a blend of modern and natural looks by adding furniture to the open spaces. For an intimate setting, one could use bean bags, low couches, lanterns, coffee tables and a retractable canopy. If one wants to go for a more sophisticated look, one could add sofas or armchairs, rugs and low lighting to give a cosy atmosphere.

In the roof deck at Chicago, the designers have included an additional seating area, in the form of a built-in hammock. They have also added built-in banquette seating near the fireplace as well.

A well-stationed dining nook will also add to the look.

In terms of fabric either go for bold colours to give a bold look or go for chic colours with the monotonous scheme.

6. Add just the right amount of light.

The roof deck at Chicago has a lighting lower to the ground. It’s hidden and recessed behind something else, but the effect is a nice calm glow of light that surrounds you. Instead of using an oppressive flood lighting that just gives a glare and not so welcoming bright light, one could choose a warm glow of light, the way it is used at this roof deck in Chicago.

One could use more candles to complement the look. A wall lamp could bring in an ancient look as well as provide a restful glow at night.

7. Enhance the deck with a warm fireplace

A fireplace is always a good option for warming up a place and also to add to the décor. It  serves as a natural gathering point for people to sit around.

Adding a fireplace will transform your deck to a warm cosy deck. It will act as a refuge to be-be used on cool days and nights through the spring and fall, and even in the winter in milder climates. if one wants they can also alternate the fireplace with a trendy one such as an electric fireplace. A great way to do more business with former clients is to offer to build them a fireplace. Or a great way to have intimate conversations with family and friends is to sit around the warm fireplace and feel the close bonding with your close ones.

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