5 Things You Can Do With Your Leftover Currency at the Airport



We all love travelling and visiting exotic places, but what really becomes a troublesome issue during international travels, is the leftover currency that we had exchanged for the foreign currency. If you ask any person who has travelled internationally, then he/she will inform you that they too had to keep a lot of the foreign currency with themselves probably because the foreign exchange services did not accept it or that they did not know what to do with it.

Now we are here to help you deal with this very issue. Given below is a short list of the five things you could do with the leftover currency you have the next time you take a trip.

Needless to say, this will be a worthwhile read, for who likes hassle when they are up for travel?


  1. Starbucks Card


Are you a coffee lover? Do you like the rush your body gets when on caffeine?
If so, then here’s a fun way for you to utilise your leftover currency: spend it on a Starbucks card. The best part about this technique is that you get to have a nice cup of Joe at Starbucks and buy from them your very own Starbucks card, which will help you with your future payments. Also, as David Bakke explained it to the world of finance, and we paraphrase here, once you reach home, the money that you had in your Starbucks card will get converted into your local currency, no matter how small or large the amount may be. So even if you had saved around a pound or two, your currency will be converted to your local currency, once you are back home. And if you are a frequent visitor to Starbucks, then it’s even better. So the next time you have a few bucks leftover, put’em in coffee, okay?


  1. Exchange for Gift Cards


This is something that a lot of people find worth doing; exchanging the amount of money you have leftover for a gift card. The idea is especially popular amongst the currencies of dollars, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs and Japanese yen. Even euro’s gained quite a bit of acknowledgement in this idea. The primary deal is to take whatever amount of leftover currency you have to the counter that exchanges it for gift cards, and then get one for yourself. Those gift cards could then be accessed by you, anywhere you feel like (obviously there will be terms and condition, but you can discuss that then and there, right?). Keep in mind though, that at times there are certain amount of flat transaction fees that you will need to be aware of, so do perform your research before you visit that counter. But in totality, we recommend this idea for anyone who wishes to do away with his/her leftover currency and loves to buy gifts (or maybe even give gift cards?)


  1. TravelersBox


Okay, so this is one of the most taken steps by travellers around the world. And it is quite simple, as well. All you have to do is look for the nearest TravelersBox at the airport. Found it? Now, go up to the box, deposit your money in the kiosk and then you can either have that money exchanged for gift cards, or donate it to a charity, or deposit it in your PayPal account, or use it to buy some goods off ebay.  The box offers you myriads of choices to deal with your leftover currency and it is a viable option for those who do not wish to throw the money away or who wish to do something worthwhile with them. We are all for the promotion of donating money to a charity, because if a few bucks don’t matter much to you, why not give them to someone who needs those bucks? And if not that, then why waste the currency or buying something you do not want, and rather, save it for yourself through your PayPal account. Yes, we are offering you a plethora of choices. Choose wisely now, folks.


  1. Donate to a Charity


We address this idea here not just because it an essentially viable option for many people, but also because it will help you feel better in the end, and let some others feel that happiness as well. What you could do (with your leftover currency, of course), is that you could visit the many charity arcades/kiosks/counters that there in an airport and donate to them the leftover currency you have with yourself. Sounds easy, right? And it is quite helpful as well. Not only will you have the satisfaction of doing something beneficial for the society, not only will you have supported your favourite charity, you will have also gotten rid of the extra amount of cash you had had got. Leftover currency is not easy to deal with, and we all want to do something good for the world, contribute in some manner or the other, then this option is one of the most valuables you could give to the society. We all realise the value of foreign currency and donating it to a charity will help that particular foundation a lot. So the next time you are in a pickle as to what to do with that extra cash, donate it to a charity. You, too, will feel good.


  1. Souvenir


This is something a lot of people will love to do. We all love to visit different places and buy their artefacts, which we can then keep as souvenirs, as memories from our visit there. But what better souvenir than that land’s currency? If you have some leftover currency and have no idea as to what to do with it, then just keep it in a neatly decorated box, or any other form of storage unit, and cherish it for it’s your memory. Yes, memories are important, Professor Dumbledore made that quite apparent to us with his collection of his memories and dreams, and although photographs can capture a place well, what really captures your stay there is the currency. It will not be gaudy, it will not be some lame artefact you have no clue about and it will not be something you have no connection with. Rather, it will be something that you have worked hard for, and cherished a lot. So leftover currency could actually be used as a good form of souvenir. After all, we all love (showcasing) our stuff.


So, there you go, folks. Five different ways for you to deal with your leftover currency at the airport. All of these ideas and options are viable for anyone who wishes to take an international vacation, or make a visit to any place but yours. The ideas are efficient and quite easy to employ. So we say, the next time you think about air travel and fret over the leftover money, think about us, for we have got your back, pal.

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