5 Things Science Will Never Be Able to Explain




Science exists to provide explanations for seemingly complex phenomena, but there are some mysterious phenomena so strange and complex that science hasn’t been able to explain it. In fact, these five phenomena are so strange that we don’t think science will ever be able to explain them! What do you think? Check them out for yourself below.

Number Five: The Max Headroom Incident. In November of 1987, a PBS station was broadcasting the latest episode of Dr. Who when the signal was interrupted by another broadcast. The new broadcast featured a strange figure wearing a Max Headroom mask, and the figure was speaking in a distorted voice and in disconnected sentences. The man’s bare buttocks could then be seen being whipped by someone in a french maid costume. To this day, it is unclear who hacked the signal and caused this broadcast signal intrusion.

Number Four: Raining Animals. One of the most bizarre natural phenomena is that of raining animals. Though it has happened all over the world, the phenomenon has never been recorded or observed by scientists, so it is unclear what is actually happening. Fish have been seen raining from the sky in Nepal, India, Louisiana, the Philippines and Honduras, all over the course of the last 150 years. Other parts of the world have experienced rain in the form of spiders, frogs and toads.

Number Three: Coke in Seattle. Seattle might be home to Starbucks, but what’s more interesting is its history with Coca-Cola. A vintage Coke vending machine sits at an intersection in Seattle and appears to have been untouched for over 40 years. However, it still dispenses both new and old Coke products and has been functioning properly for the last 15 years. Nobody has seen it being refilled in the past decade, so it’s unclear how it is still able to dispense products.

Number Two: Annabelle. You might be familiar with the movie Annabelle, which depicts an evil doll. However, did you know it’s based on a true story? The real Annabelle doll is currently in a museum encased in glass because it is believed to contain the spirit of a little girl who can do a lot of harm. The actual doll was purchased at a hobby shop in 1970 and lived with two girls. The girls became scared when the doll would leave messages for them. While the doll never harmed the girls, she did bring disaster upon others, and what really happened has never been fully explained.

Number One: The Hum. Finally, one of the strangest phenomena that cannot be explained has been investigated thoroughly and continues to be inexplicable. Since the 1950s, people have complained of hearing a “hum” – a background noise that just won’t go away, sort of like an engine buzzing. More than 800 people first reported it in Bristol, England, and since then it has been reported over the world. Scientists have tried to explain it away via industrial equipment, gas lines, power lines, electromagnetic radiation, tinnitus, and seismic activity; however, it remains a mystery what is causing the strange noise.

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