These 5 Strange Coincidences Will Give You Goosebumps



“It’s just one of those strange coincidences,” you’ve probably said at least once before in your life. And sometimes, life events really are just a strange coincidence! However, some coincidences are so strange that there has to be something else going on. These five strange coincidences are so bizarre and uncanny that we’re convinced there’s another story. See for yourself below.

Number Five: Joseph Figlock and a Baby. In Detroit during the 1930s, one young mother was horrified to watch her baby fall through a window on the second floor. Joseph Figlock was a street cleaner working below, and he was able to catch the child’s fall. Exactly one year later, that same baby fell from that same window onto the same Joseph Figlock who was cleaning below. Both Figlock and the baby survived both times.

Number Four: The Bad Cabbie. In July of 1974, a cab driver was giving a man a ride when he accidentally hit a  young man on a moped. The young man unfortunately died. One year later, that same cab driver was giving that same man a ride down that same street when he hit and killed another young man on a moped. The two young men who were killed were brothers.

Number Three: Sonny Graham’s Bad Heart. Terry Cottle committed suicide, but his heart was saved for Sonny Graham, who needed a new heart desperately. Interestingly, Graham met and eventually fell in love with Cottle’s widow. The two got married, and Graham began to pick up Cottle’s habits as well. This turned out to be a bad omen, as just a few years later, Graham killed himself in the exact same way as Cottle.

Number Two: The Lincoln Dichotomy. During the Civil War, a young main was waiting for his car at the train station when he unfortunately fell down into the hole dividing the platform and the train car. An Edwin Booth picked him out of the hole and saved him. That young man was Robert Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, and the man who helped him was the brother of John Wilkes Booth. Years later, Abraham Lincoln would die at the hand of John Wilkes Booth.

Number One: Bromosexuals. Two men began an internet relationship and eventually decided that they wanted to get married. However, their families noticed that the two men shared a striking resemblance, which eventually landed them a spot on a talk show. The two men were actually half-brothers, and they shared the same mother.

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