5 Bizarre Creatures in the Amazon Rainforest



The Amazon Rainforest is a gorgeous place where countless species thrive. Many creatures that live in this rainforest aren’t found in any other parts of the world, which is why humanity needs to work together, with the help of organizations like the Dancing Star Foundation, an animal charity, in order to protect this delicate ecosystem rather than destroy it for profit.

Continue reading to learn about just five of the many bizarre yet beautiful creatures that thrive in the Amazon Rainforest so you can develop a true love for this unique place.

1.     Peanut Head Bug

The Peanut Head Bug is a really strange looking insect because it features a round bump on its head that looks a lot like an unshelled peanut. Experts don’t really know what the significance is of this physical feature, though some think that it may be used to mimic the appearance of a lizard’s head so that predators will leave the bug alone. Another feature that helps deceive predators is the bug’s wings, which have spots that resemble owl eyes.

2.     The Glass Frog

Even though the Glass Frog is green, you can actually see its internal organs through its translucent skin, particularly on the underside of the body. This frog will take on the colours that surround it, so it will be rather difficult to spot this creature while you’re exploring the rainforest. Plus, these frogs are small, coming in at around 3 inches at most, so they’re easy to miss.

3.     The Potoo

The Potoo is a true master of camouflage, so it will be really difficult to spot one of these amazing birds. Related to Frogmouths and Nightjars, the Potoo is nocturnal, so it will spend its days motionless on a tree’s broken branches or on a tree stump, blending in with its surroundings. If you do manage to spot one, you’ll be amazed by how still these birds can become.

4.     The Pink Dolphin

If you love dolphins, keep an eye out for the famous Pink Dolphin, which resides in the Amazon River. Also known as the Amazon River Dolphin, these creatures can grow bigger than humans, and experts don’t know precisely why these creatures are pink in color. It’s thought that the capillaries that are located near the surface of the animal’s skin could be to blame for the colouration.

5.     The Electric Eel

Even though it’s called an eel, the Electric Eel is actually a Knife Fish, and it’s closely related to the Catfish. These creatures are actually able to generate electric shocks that are quite powerful, coming in at upwards of 600 volts when they need to hunt or defend themselves. Males will create a nest using their saliva during the breeding season, and 3,000 babies could hatch just from the eggs that are laid by a single female.

This is just a very small sampling of some of the many amazing and unique creatures that are found throughout the Amazon, so definitely keep your eyes open for them while you explore if you have an opportunity to take a trip there.

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