30 Shocking Facts About NASA (Part 1)




NASA has been an icon in world culture and a leader in scientific and technological developments for years. However, there are some facts about this giant research facility and establishment that you might not be aware of. Check out part one of 30 shocking facts about NASA below!

Number Thirty: Channeling Star TrekAn aircraft is currently in the works that may have the ability to transport astronauts from earth to Alpha Centauri – the closest star to us after the sun – in just two weeks. This is similar to a Star Trek-style warp drive.

Number Twenty-Nine: Budgeting. Many people believe that NASA’s funding accounts for upwards of 20 percent of the federal budget. In reality, however, NASA one cent or less of every tax dollar since 1975. A poll in 1997 revealed that people continue to believe NASA comprises a significant chunk of the federal budget.

Number Twenty-Eight: Beating the Odds. According to managers at NASA, the odds of a catastrophic failure on the Challenger Spacecraft were one in 100,000 or 0.01 percent. However, according to famed physicist Richard Feynman, the odds were most like one in 200.

Number Twenty-Seven: Super Soaker. The creator of the super soaker actually worked for NASA! He also helped develop the stealth bomber for the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

Number Twenty-Six: Neil Armstrong the Late. Neil Armstrong was actually one week late in sending in his NASA application. It was his close friend Dick Day who was able to slip his application into the pile for consideration.

Number Twenty-Five: Armageddon. NASA has new trainees watch the movie Armageddon to look for scientific inaccuracies. According to NASA, there are at least 168.

Number Twenty-Four: Space Pens. A large rumor was once circulated that NASA wasted precious time and money producing a space pen while Soviet astronauts sufficed with a pencil. However, this has been proven false.

Number Twenty-Three: Text Me. In true fashion of keeping up with the times, you can request that NASA text you every time the International Space Station is passing overhead. This is perhaps the peak of convenience. Stay tuned for part two of 30 shocking facts about NASA!

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